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International Doorway to Education & Athletics (IDEA) - is a specialized international student recruitment and placement organization servicing international students and American institutions of higher education since 1997. IDEA’s corporate headquarters are located in Florida and the organization currently counts on a network of offices throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. IDEA carefully selects, recruits, and prepares both traditional students and athletes for admissions into American universities

. Over 100 universities from 35 states are part of the Program every year, and over 3000 students have participated in our scholarship programs. IDEA maintains a 100% success rate in obtaining scholarships offerings for its participants. All IDEA programs have fees that are refunded in case the participant is not successful. IDEA’s mission is to help young people from all over the world realize their educational dreams and for inter-cultural exchange to the benefit of all.
University Athletic Scholarship Program
Focus on Amateur athletes. Scholarships are awarded based on each student athletic ability and coaches needs. This program targets recreational athletes of low to average athletic levels who will never be able to obtain an athletic scholarship without the professional assistance provided by IDEA. Both partial and full-scholarships (including room and meals) are available and offered to international athletes.
IDEA guarantees a minimum of 7 scholarship offers for each Athletic program participants as follow:
         A- Two scholarship offers with a set amount to be paid by the participant equal or less than USD $9.000 per academic year including housing, meals, and studies.
         B- Five scholarship offers with a value to be paid by the participant equal or less than 50% of the university cost per academic year including housing, meals, and studies.
All participants reside in a university campus setting, and stay in university housing. Participants have access to the campus library, swimming pool, on-site medical attention as well as all other athletic and academic facilities. The overall experience results in a lifestyle similar to one an international student would normally experience once at an American university. The program takes place over a two-week period in July of each year at various universities throughout the U.S. College coaches from over 80 institutions across all over the U.S. attend the program in order to evaluate IDEA candidates for potential athletic scholarship awards.

Admission Requirements
     Being between 16 and 26 years of age.
     Being in of the following categories:
                           - Current High School students.
                           - High School graduates.
                           - Currently attending university (classes can be transferred).
                           - University graduate (classes can be transferred).
                           - Practice one of the following sports (only amateur athletes):


English Proficiency is not a Requirement. Students can start with ESL classes prior to enrolling into an Undergraduate Program.
There are a limited number of participants accepted per program and per country.
Participants receive a full refund in case they do not receive a minimum of seven scholarship offer as describe above. IDEA operates under a no-risk policy for its participants.
Services Included
   - Personal interviews and student orientation.
   - Training Program Developed by professionals.
   - Ground transportation in the USA.
   - Health insurance for the duration of the Program in the USA.
   - Accommodations and three meals per day at the host universities.
   - Athletic uniforms for traveling and competitions.
   - Medical review of student’s records.
   - English proficiency language evaluation.
   - Recreational and cultural activities selected by IDEA.
   - Participation in the athletic scholarships selection Program.
   - Assistance and guidance through admissions process and obtaining I-20 document.
   - IDEA counseling and support services.
The total cost of the University Athletic Scholarship Program is USD $3600 and comprises expenses on behalf of the participant, as well as services provided by IDEA.

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