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Carl Duisberg Centren is a leading service enterprise in the area of international training and qualification. Each year, we provide knowledge of foreign languages and intercultural competence, experience abroad and international expertise to several thousand people from all over the world. In addition, we also manage

cross-border educational projects for the business community and public institutions. The company name goes back to the German industrialist and patron Carl Duisberg (1861-1935), who, even in the 1920s, made major contributions toward the international qualification of business executives and their junior staff. In this way, he created the basis for our commitment which has now already lasted many decades.
Carl Duisberg Centren consists of a network of affiliates all operating under the aegis of Carl Duisberg Centren gemeinnützige GmbH. Key affiliated companies include Carl Duisberg Centren Intertraining & Consult GmbH, Carl Duisberg Medien GmbH and Gesellschaft für soziale Entwicklung gemeinnützige GmbH. Carl Duisberg Centren is owned by the non-profit foundation "Carl-Duisberg-Stiftung für internationale Bildung und Zusammenarbeit".
Businesses and private individuals, public-sector clients and international institutions value the high level of expertise and personal support they receive in language, intercultural and field-related training.
Carl Duisberg Centren is headquartered in Cologne and is present in six other locations in Germany: in Berlin, Hanover, Munich, Saarbrücken, Radolfzell on Lake Constance and the Rhine-Main area. Own locations in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and the Ukraine guarantee the international effectiveness of Carl Duisberg Centren in conjunction with numerous cooperating partners throughout the world.
There are approx. 200 full-time employees on duty for Carl Duisberg Centren, both in Germany and abroad. The network also includes freelance trainers, together with experts in business, education and the sciences.
Quality management
Our high product standard ensures sustained educational success – not to mention our customers’ satisfaction. To ensure this, we are subject to routine quality controls. Our Language Courses, Language Travel, and International School Programs departments are also certified under DIN EN ISO 9001.
High School Year in Germany
Gain new experiences abroad and improve your German

 A high school year in Germany has lots of benefits: Profit from a stay of half a year or a whole year in Germany and immerse yourself in the German language and school life. The experienced staff of the Carl Duisberg Centren organize ½ year or whole year school stays for pupils from the 9th or 10th class upwards. The academic year in Germany has two 6-month terms and the selected schools are equivalent to the Anglo-Saxon secondary schools. During your stay you live with a German host family, either chosen by yourself or arranged by Carl Duisberg Centren. You will soon become a member of the family and will have the opportunity to make more German friends. On parental request you will be allocated your own personal mentor, who has been carefully selected by Carl Duisberg Centren. This mentor will look after and advise you in everything related to school life in the first 5 months of your stay. If specially requested a stay at one of the following schools can be arranged: International schools or schools with the International Baccalaureat (IB) Diploma. In both cases lessons are held in English. Carl Duisberg Centren can also arrange a stay in one of the prestigious German boarding schools.These special opportunities do however involve additional costs, such as school fees.

High School Year in Germany: Take this opportunity to improve your German, to make new friends and gain invaluable personal experience!
Program Details

Our service and fees

We register students at a suitable secondary school at the appropriate class level (registration fee € 1,390)

When required
host family accommodation with full board € 450 (per month)
a personal mentor for the school program € 750 (per 1/2 year)
monthly ticket for all local public transport € 60/month

Length of Stay
A whole academic year (11 months): August  or September to June/July
Half an academic year (5 months): January to June/July

Application Deadline
For an academic year: by the end of March
For half an academic year: by the end of March or September

Minimum age: 15 (exceptions possible)
Suitable level in German (at least B2 CEF). Registration and receipt of application up to 6 month before the beginning of the school year
Carl Duisberg Centren German placement test
German Language Course
Compulsory for all applicants with insufficient knowledge of German (according to results of placement test)
Fees for language lessons, accommodation and board: € 560 (per week)
German Language and Internship
Do you speak German and want an internship in Germany? Carl Duisberg Centren offer language preparation courses in one of their training centers in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Radolfzell, and organization of a 2 to 12 month internship in a company for citizens of EU states and Switzerland.
Minimum age: 22
3 years professional experience or an advanced course of specialized study
Sound knowledge of the German language (B2)
Submission of the application documents three months before the start of the language course



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