Begin Your Professional Life at Jacobs University in Bremen

Making a decision for future professional engagement is not an easy job. The pressure of the time, the dilemma between two occupations, and where abroad, make you feel confused. Take it easy, this is your first big decision in life and it has to be the right one.

You know how important is to be sure of what you want to study, no doubt. However, you think that you can be good in Biochemistry and Cell Biology but also in Electrical and Computer Engineering. And of course, what after the studies?

Don’t worry, Jacobs University, the English language private university has a solution for both concerns. With its unique 3C program and International Foundation Year, you will get crystal clear answers on what you want to study. And, once you graduate, will help you to find a job in Germany in the first year of graduation as it did for 90% of its students.

Keep reading to find out the opportunities that Jacobs University offers to its students.



Jacobs University Will Help You to Find Your Career Pathway

At Jacobs University International College (JUIC), the student earns 180 CP, necessary for a Bachelor’s degree, in the major discipline that chooses. What this university offers differently is the 3C Model Program, where a student chooses a minor discipline, in addition to the major one.

Studying a minor discipline will broaden your knowledge and skills, encourage an interdisciplinary approach and individualize your professional profile, based on your personal interest. If you realize that the minor discipline is actually the discipline you want to study, you can change with the major after you finish the first year.

Choose your Major/Minor Combination and strengthen your career options.


International Foundation Year at JUIC is another option that allows students to explore different subjects, improve English and strengthen their skills. This one-year program is created for those who need to improve academic skills or find an orientation. After successfully completing this program, the student’s admission to Jacobs University is guaranteed.



Broad Spectrum for Undergraduate Study

Studying at Jacobs is your chance to enter the international world at a top-ranked private university. Over 1,500 students from more than 110 nations live and study there, to get ready for an international career.


At JUIC you may find a broad spectrum of 15 study programs:


  • Industrial Engineering and Management (BSc)
  • Mathematics (BSc)
  • Computer Science (BSc)
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering (BSc) – Online program
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSc)
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems (BSc)


  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BSc)
  • Chemistry and Biotechnology (BSc)
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (BSc)
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences (BSc)
  • Physics (BSc)


  • Global Economics and Management (BA)
  • International Business Administration (BA)
  • Society, Media and Politics (BA)
  • International Relations: Politics and History (BA)
  • Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology (BSc)



Students at Jacobs are involved in research activities from the first year. This is the reason why Jacobs is popular among international researchers and young scientists, and ranked 7th place among 80 universities evaluated in Germany.

Classes are small and interactive, with direct communication between students and professors. Each student gets a personal mentor and academic advisor. All these make the learning experience better.

JUIC is more than a place to get your Bachelor’s degree. You will learn how to overcome challenges in your life proactively, meet open-minded people there, and build an international friendship network.

If you find this university attractive already, contact EAC advisors for the application process and requirements.


Financial Supports Available for You

Joining this private university, number one in Germany for its international outlook, costs, and requires an extra budget. One year of attendance, including tuition, room, and full meal plan, costs €28.650. However, the JUIC offers different financing options for the students.


Full-tuition Scholarship

JUIC awards a full-tuition scholarship for one undergraduate student in the amount of €60,000. This merit-based scholarship is awarded to the applicant with excellent grades and who demonstrates exceptional academic and leadership potential. Moreover, the candidate should be intellectually creative, has a multicultural mindset, and is willing to make a difference in the world.

The scholarship covers the entire tuition cost for the 3 study years, excluding the expenses for the first year of living in on campus.



Based on the school grade point average (GPA), all students are considered for an academic achievement scholarship. The maximum scholarship amount per academic year is €8.000, irrespective of nationality and the scholarship number is not limited.

This most important step was successfully completed and 90% of EAC applicants got the maximum amount of €8.000.


“JU Study@Ease” Tuition Deferral Program

“JU Study@Ease” model is based on solidarity where new students get support from the graduated ones. Income Share Agreement with JU Study@Ease allows new students to focus on their studies, without worries about the payments. The education fund will pay for the studies directly to the university.

After graduation and getting a job, the graduated student will repay tuition in a 10-years period. If you receive a scholarship or grant, this funding can be combined with those financial supports.

In the EAC case, 100% of applicants got the benefit of this program in the amount of €9.000.


Need-based Aid

The financial situation of the family can be a barrier to your studies, however, at Jacobs, you can also get a grant (need-based discount). The grant that you might get, doesn’t need to be repaid. Four weeks after the admission, you will be notified of the decision. For this aid, you can apply in addition to an academic scholarship achievement.

Based on your family’s financial situation, EAC advisors will explain to you the opportunities and give valuable advice.

For the period of 2021-22, EAC applicants succeeded to get financial support to cover over 60% of their expenses for tuition, accommodation, and food.



Home Away from Home

Jacobs University is an excellent opportunity for you to meet people from all over the world. For the first two years, you will be accommodated on campus, located close to lecture halls, research labs, and sports facilities.

Your new home will be a modern two-bedroom suite, fully furnished with a shared bathroom. Whatever residential college you stay in, you will have an available dining room, recreational lounge, study areas, and rooms for group meetings.

There are over 60 clubs to join and contribute to the events organized by students. You can choose sports clubs like Badminton, Basketball, CrossFit Club, and many others, and dance clubs like Ballroom Dancing, or Hip Hop. Also, Art Club, Photo & Video Club, Music and Culinary Club, Engineering Club, Debating Society, and many other clubs are there, waiting for you.


Your Career Begins while Studying

Your primary aim is to graduate on time, in the discipline you have chosen for your future profession. But, have you thought about what after? Where do you see yourself?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, don’t worry. Jacobs University will help with your career pathway. With alumni that are working in various fields such as IT, consulting, research, finance, health, logistics, or engineering, you get closer to your first job after graduation. About 90% of students from Jacobs University found their first job within the first year of graduation.

If you have an entrepreneurial ambition, Jacobs may support your idea. J-CUM Start-up program includes business guidance, workshops, events, and networking, that will give you wind on your back.

Today, 40 start-ups from the Jacobs alumni program are active worldwide. Two of those start-ups got into Forbes 30 under 30 most influential people in Europe. This is why JUIC is in 16th place by Gründungsradar 2020, a start-up radar.


Other Benefits When Study in Germany

Germany is becoming the most attractive non-English-speaking European destination for international students. In 2017, 375,000 students decided to study in the fourth biggest world economy, because Germany offers plenty of opportunities for international students.

Studying in Germany is an open door to the international labor market for students. German educational system offers extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The qualifications that you’ll get if study in Germany, will have a good reputation in companies.

If you want to stay in Germany, you can apply for a residence permit and get 18 months to find a job. Over 10 million people from all over the world live there, so you won’t feel lonely in this cosmopolitan and diverse country.


EAC is Here to Lead You Through the Process

Don’t feel lonely when making your life decision. Many students went through this challenging process and had concerns like yours. You can do it alone or look for professional advice and support.

Educational Advising Center (EAC) is here to help you. With over 20 years of professional experience, EAC advisors will create a perfect match between your professional orientation and the University programs and requirements.

Our dedication and efforts resulted in the 100% successful admission of 17 EAC applicants at Jacobs University, 4 in 2021 and 13 in 2022.

Moreover, EAC Skopje will prepare you to successfully complete TOEFL, SAT, and PTE testing. You can perform TOEFL and PTE tests in our center.

Contact us and use the benefit of our qualified services for free. Save your energy and leave the rest of what we are experienced for. We’re waiting for you.

November 10, 2022
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