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Nacel International School opened in St Paul, USA, in September 2003, with 24 students from 10 different countries. Since then, our NISS student population has grown to more than 350 students representing more than 20 countries worldwide. The school was created with the purpose of bringing students together

from around the globe for a unique and challenging educational experience. The mother school itself, Nacel International School, renamed St Paul Preparatory School (SPPS) has now a population of more than 150 students.


The Nacel International High School in France (NIHS), launched for the school year 2010/2011, is the latest branch school added to the Nacel International School System (NISS). We have Nacel school locations in the USA, China, Korea and Poland, and are pleased to see the list now includes France! The NIHS is located at Notre Dame Les Oiseaux, a prestigious French High School with a long history of excellence in the very competitive private high school system. We are privileged to be part of this storied history and look forward to helping our students take advantage of the best of both school systems, the French and the American one. Students are indeed provided with one of the best high school education in France as the Lycée of Notre Dame Les Oiseaux, the hosting school of the NIHS, obtained 98% success at the 2009 Baccalaureate (the French secondary school diploma, equivalent to the A-level or the American High School diploma). Classes and activities offer students an intercultural setting, with students from all ages. All French educational sections are represented in the school, from infant school to College.
Our Nacel International High School (NIHS) is a private American High School (from grades 9 to 12) managed by the Headmaster of Notre Dame Les Oiseaux. The school introduces an exciting opportunity to learn the French language and culture while attending an American curriculum held in English. The US High School curriculum is taught by American teachers (History, English, Mathematics, Science, Arts, and Physical Education); the special French curriculum is provided by the French sister school Notre Dame Les Oiseaux. After successful studies in this school, students will be able to receive a US High School Diploma, while being conversant in 2 cultures – the French and the American one!

International programs
Notre Dame Les Oiseaux provides classes of English, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin and Greek and organizes short language travels abroad for students from Lower to Upper School (London, Barcelona, Germany, Scotland, Florence, Australia etc.); students may also participate in Rotary Club’s international activities as well as pass the TOEIC or First Cambridge Certificate exams.

ESL courses
For students in need of intensive language training, the school offers multiple levels of ESL (English as a second language) courses to help students transition into regular academic classes. Our ESL program concentrates not only on the mechanics of English, but on the application of English in the content areas.

1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in Nacel International Academic Curriculum by:

  • - Producing high-level work that prepares them for higher education and professional life in the global community;
  • - Demonstrating effective problem-solving skills in various settings;
  • - ntegrating the knowledge and experience gained in all subject areas and applying it to real-world situations;
  • - Gathering and applying information gained from research, past learning, and different world perspectives;
  • - Appreciating the value of learning and taking an active role in their education.

2. Students will develop and refine their intercultural thinking skills by:

  • - Learning to understand the viewpoints of others and allowing this information to shape their own perspective of the world;
  • - Challenging their personal biases and beliefs through the examination of other worldviews;
  • - Using knowledge and critical thinking to develop educated positions on topics and issues that will improve their interactions with others.

3. Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively within an intercultural setting by:

  • - Improving skills in oral and written language;
  • - Expressing thoughts and ideas with clarity, purpose, and cultural awareness;
  • - Recognizing, analyzing, and evaluating various methods of verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • - Developing mastery of English (or for U.S. students, another world language), to be successful in post secondary studies.

4. Students will exhibit personal and social responsibility by:

  • - Practicing personal and academic integrity;
  • - Accepting, appreciating, and understanding human diversity as it relates to themselves and others;
  • - Developing cultural skills such as mindfulness, empathy, and patience in uncertain situations, self-reflection, and a    culturally relative viewpoint;
  • - Understanding the impact of the actions and those of others (individuals and groups);
  • - Learning cross-cultural leadership skills in preparation for success.

Course offering at the Nacel International High School in France
The Nacel International High School’s (NIHS) curriculum is based on tried-and-true American curriculum which has been developed at St Paul Preparatory School, in the USA. NIHS offers students an American-styled high school education in English, leading to an American High School Diploma. In addition to the American curriculum, the school offers an extensive French language and culture program. Courses in French language, History, Business and Management along with French and European cultural programs will be offered. These courses, both American and French, are administered by qualified American and French (language and culture) teachers.
Daily schedule
The school follows a standard schedule in which students attend 6 classes per day, 5 days a week. Time in the middle of the day is set aside for clubs, study hall, and lunch. The following schedule shows the structure of a typical school day.

French homestays may be provided to students for greater cultural immersion. Our goal is to have students become proficient in both French and English. Students are encouraged to travel with staff throughout France and surrounding countries, such as: Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Great Britain. Our goal is to ensure that our students are well-travelled and knowledgeable about European cultures. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can only be accomplished by living and studying in Europe, and most importantly, France.
NISS Schools’ graduation requirements correspond with the NCA guidelines for college preparatory schools and meet or exceed the Minnesota state graduation standards. Students must submit complete, translated academic transcripts for each year of high school in order to be considered as a candidate for graduation.
48 semester credits* are required for graduation:

        8 Language Arts credits
        6 Mathematics credits
        7 Social Studies credits
        6 Science credits
        2 Physical Education credits
        1 Health credit
        2 Fine /Performing Arts credits
        1 Technology credit
        6 Foreign Language credits (4 in the same language)
        9 Elective credits
* 1 credit is earned for each semester course.

Requirements for International Students
International students who have fulfilled following requirements are eligible to receive a high school diploma from NISS:

  •     - Completion of an equivalent of four years of high school;
  •     - Completion of the above academic credits;
  •     - Proven proficiency in English (80% or higher on the SLEP test);
  •     - Attendance at a NISS school for a minimum of two semesters.

Some students arrive at a NISS school with low English language skills that may require additional classes to meet our English language standard. Moreover, there will be students who arrive at one of our NISS schools as 12th graders and who need specific courses to graduate. Every effort will be made to help students graduate on time, but there may be specific situations where these students cannot be fully accommodated. The school will do its best to offer alternatives and options.

From 15 to 18 years old at arrival.

NISS is a unique program that offers students a rare opportunity to interact with students from around the world in a college-preparatory setting. We feel strongly that young people are better prepared for their future careers by learning to succeed in a diverse environment. Our program is perfect for students who are interested in pursuing careers with an international focus, who want to attend college in the US, and who have a passion for travel, culture, and language.

Applicants to our schools:

  • -are high achieving, motivated students with a proven academic record;
  • -are committed to studying while on the program;
  • -have not yet graduated from high school in their home country (unless they are planning to attend college in the US);
  • -are proficient in English – Please note our strong English language program provides students with only basic English -skills to develop their English ability while earning high school credits;
  • -are interested in learning about cultures of the world including American and French education and culture;
  • -are comfortable interacting with people from different cultures;
  • -plan to pursue higher education (either in the US or abroad);
  • -are flexible and capable of integrating with a host family;
  • -may have other talents and abilities (sports, music, art, etc.) that will contribute to the community’s life.

Please note that prior French knowledge is a plus, but is not mandatory.
Nacel reserves the right to reject an application that we feel does not meet the criteria for admission that we have set.
Each applicant must be made aware of the following: This is an academic program. All students are required to enroll in a full course of study including classes in math, social studies, English, science and foreign language regardless of the length of their program.

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