Course for TOLES® exam

TOLES, Test of Legal English Skills exam series are structured in 3 levels:

• TOLES Advanced
• TOLES Higher
• TOLES Foundation

Students can progress through the TOLES series to achieve their goal of a high grade in the prestigious TOLES Advanced exam.

TOLES Foundation prep course offer a completely solid foundation of the type of English a lawyer needs in order to develop strong and efficient professional skills. It is the correct starting point for most international lawyers who need to have a strong commercial vocabulary and achieve absolute accuracy in all they do. 

Program is devided in 22 classes, 90 min. each and full duration of the course is 8 weeks.

TOLES Syllabus

Aimed to ensure learners are equipped with a strong basis upon which to build the skills required by employers. The syllabus is based on the analyses of the drafting and general writing skills of thousands of international lawyers working on office-based tasks.

The program is devised in a step-by-step manner to help eliminate mistakes and reach the standard required. 
The TOLES Foundation materials and exam ensure that serious learners will be successful, not making the mistake of attempting more advanced tasks before mastering the basics.


– Absolute accuracy, 
– Strong legal vocabulary 
– Familiarisation with modern legal style.

Learners are challenged to recognise their own common mistakes and to identify accurate prepositions and collocations within a legal context, particularly within the context of written contracts.

The TOLES Foundation Exam is modern and up-to-date.
It takes account of significant language reforms in the English legal system and the legal profession’s continued movement towards a plainer use of English.

Requirements knowledge of useful, international legal terminology a strong, active use of basic grammar and a sensitivity to use of register in the following general areas:

– basic legal negotiations
– pre-contractual documents
– commercial contracts
– banking
– companies
– other forms of business
– bankruptcy and insolvency
– employment law and contracts
– the litigation process
– essential contract law
– the law of tort
– intellectual property
– real estate
– oral contracts
– an introduction to the common law

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