About EAC

Educational Advising Center, EAC was established as a NGO in 1999 and since 2004 it is fully sustainable and independent professional study abroad agency.

The mission of Educational Advising Center is to actively participate in the process of building an open and democratic society by providing free access to information to all Macedonian students and professionals about higher education opportunities abroad. 

Our goal is to provide professional counseling and recruitment services to our clients by creating the perfect match between University and Student  taking in consideration University interests and requirements  and Student professional orientation, needs and budget.

Our counseling services for Students are free of charge.

EAC provides following services and activities for students and professionals :

  • Study abroad counseling services
  • Test center for Language, Academic and Professional exams
  • Group and mentoring classes for Language and University Entrance exams for prospective international students
  • Study Abroad events


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