Course for PTE® exam

This course includes 14 classes divided in 5 weeks. Duration of the classes is 90 min, three times a week. The minimum number of students for starting a group is 3 and all groups have up to 6 students. Students also have the option to attend classes individually.

By successfully passing the course, the candidate obtains the following skills:

– Successfully read and comprehend texts from an academic environment.

– Successfully listen and comprehend conversations and lectures from an academic or training context.

– Fluency and punctuality in oral expression at an academic level.

– Proper and correct writing skills according to university standards.

– Read, listen and then respond to a question.

– Listen and then speak in response to a question.

– Read, listen and then write in response to a question.

– Successfully use grammar rules while answering to a question.

 At the end of the course, the student will receive diagnostic feedback similar to the official score report along with suggestions about what lessons he or she might want to repeat or strengths and areas which can be improved.

TOEFL course content (coming soon)

Class 1:          Introduction

Class 2:         Grammar Rules 1

Class 3:         Grammar Rules 2

Class 4:         Grammar Rules 3

Class 5:

Class 6:

Class 7:

Class 8:

Class 9:

Class 10:

Class 11:        Reading Section – Practice

Class 12:       Listening Section – Practice

Class 13:       Speaking Section – Practice

Class 14:      Writing Section – Practice


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