Advising Services

Personal advising is a 45 minute information interview where we introduce you to the details of the application process. The adviser is here to clarify and demystify the application process for studying abroad, to advise you and encourage you to enter into a process that will surely change your career progress, and certainly life. Our advisers know everything you are interested in. Here is described the whole process of  enrollment to any  of  EAC Partner Universities and EAC services and support that you will get for free. 

1. Advising session 

During your 45 minutes advisory session you will get:

  • Determining your profile and detailed analysis and assessment of your opportunities for studies abroad, your wishes, knowledge of language, academic performance,  field of study – for each country that you are particularly interested for;
  • List with application deadlines for applying for each country ;
  • Scholarship opportunities for Universities and programs of your choice;
  • The list of costs of living for each country , amounts to tuition, monthly housing costs and other total costs;
  • Action Plan for application process that will be done on-site with your mentor;
  • List of documents that you need to apply on Universities of your choice, depending on the level of your desired studies;
  • Instructions about TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, SAT, GRE and GMAT tests. You can schedule your preparatory course in group or individually or register for exam at EAC
  • Scanning of your original documents and preparing for translation. Our authorized translators will translate all documents in English promptly for a discounted fee;

2. Application process and monitoring 

When you make your decision and select EAC partner University, adviser will help you to prepare and submit your application to the University.

You will be in contact with your adviser during the whole process of evaluation of your application from the University evaluation committee until the final decision. EAC advisor will inform you in case additional documents are requested by the University evaluation committee, give you instructions about possible interview, give you instructions and remind you about all crucial actions that you have to perform with goal to have successful application and to be admitted on the University of your choice.

2.1 Scholarship Application

On most of the EAC Partner Universities, Scholarship Application will be submitted together with the Student Application.  Your Adviser will help you in this process and also will inform you about other Financial Aid opportunities in the relevant country applicable for you. 

3. Student Visa

Upon receiving an Admission Letter from the University, your adviser will inform you about further steps in the process of becoming an International Student on some of our Partner Universities. Next and very important step is submitting an application for a Student Visa. This procedure can be deferent and depends of the country where the University is located. Adviser will prepare a list with the documents that you should provide before you schedule appointment in the relevant Embassy.   


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