American University in Rome: An Experience Beyond University Education

While most of your classmates say they will study medicine, economics, or computer science, you find yourself different. Archeology and cultural heritage impress you; you want to dig more in this field. Or, your passion for traveling looks like you can make from that money for a living. Not surprisingly, tourism is among the fastest-growing industries, so you go for it.

Whether you want to study archeology, tourism, art, or film, the American University in Rome (AUR) offers the necessary knowledge. It is a perfect mix of high-quality American education in the eternal city. While Hollywood is the first association for the film industry, Italy is also globally famous as a country that won the most Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film (14 awards).

So, choosing Rome for the education of liberal arts in 1969 showed that this was a unique and extraordinary experience. Today, AUR offers 10 Bachelor’s and 3 Master’s degree programs, all taught in English. Let’s find out why thousands of students have chosen AUR and graduated there.


Why the American University of Rome?

Studying at the American University Rome (AUR) is more than completing the courses. You will learn critical thinking and effective information analysis in order to reason independently and communicate powerfully.

AUR is located on the highest hill in Rome and has a spectacular city view. Students can enjoy the gardens of Roman pines, but even more. When they say Rome is the classroom, it is literally like that. Professors organize part of the lectures around the city, visiting spots highlighting the global context throughout the ages. There is no better place to learn about archeology than Rome.

All the programs are in English; however, at AUR, you will join an international environment where students speak almost 30 different languages. Staying in an environment where different cultures meet and value differences makes you prepared for an international career across different cultures.

Another reason to choose AUR is the engaging alumni network. For 50 years, AUR has built a network of graduate students located all over the world who actively help new generations. This network gives the unique feeling of being a member of the big AUR family.


Bachelor’s Programs: A Perfect Match of Applicable Knowledge and Place to Learn

When choosing a study program, you first research the curriculum and the classroom teaching organization. However, practical learning adds value to education and prepares students for their careers. AUR considers both, the high-quality theoretical knowledge and the practical learning in the most appropriate environment equally important. Therefore, Archeology and Classics, Fine Art, Film, or Tourism and Travel Management are some programs perfectly run in antic Rome.



Archeology & Classics

Studying archeology in Eternal Town couldn’t be better. While learning the theory of archeology in the classroom-based program, you will also have an extraordinary practical learning experience at numerous ancient sites and museum collections of 2000-year-old Roman history.

During classroom lectures covering all aspects of archeology, you will also learn about the classical world of Greece and Rome and the geography and chronology of the ancient Mediterranean.

Practical learning is a story in itself. You will visit Rome’s Colosseum and Forum and other unique archelogy sites in Rome to apply your theoretical knowledge. You will also learn about:

  • Theoretical Issues in Archaeology;
  • Ethics and Principles of Conservation and Restoration;
  • Methods and Techniques for Analyzing the Past.

Interestingly, AUR graduates can continue directly into fieldwork, management consultancy, and environmental protection or at other universities such as Stanford University, University College London, or New York University.



Can you imagine completing your internships at National Geographic or The Discovery Channel while studying film? AUM is the university that makes the imagination happen and is the only university in Italy with a Film program in English. Finally, it is placed not anywhere but in Rome, a historic town that has been very important for filmmakers over the years.

If you have an idea, you will have a terrific experience creating a short documentary at a location in Rome. Documentary workshops teach students how to work and manage a small crew. But, before coming to this stage, you will learn about film writing and directing.

AUR trains new generations of professionals in the film industry. You will practically develop conceptual and technical skills for shooting coverage of silent fiction film scenes and get an understanding of audio production, sound aesthetics, and quality.

What AUR additionally makes outstanding are the professors with proven careers and success in the film industry, some award-winners.



Travel and Tourism Management

For those interested in studying tourism, it is a privilege to do so in Italy, the country with a new record of visitors this year, which is 68 million people. Travel and tourism management at AUR is a perfect match for inventive and curious students who want to learn about new cultures and create experiences for others.

This program encourages an enterprising mindset and creates future travel and tourism industry leaders. With the AUR curriculum and its unique courses, you will build your:

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Organizational management;
  • Sustainability capabilities;
  • Problem-solving, and
  • Communication and creativity skills.

Even more, you will build your knowledge and experience beyond Rome by traveling throughout Italy and Poland. After your amazing 3-year study experience, you’ll be ready for a global and flexible career in a fast-growing industry.

Overall, you will get your education in Italy, the top travel destination and the country with 59 UNESCO heritage sites. There is no more competent place to study tourism, what do you think?


Communication and Digital Media

In the era of rapid and busy global communication, you can learn how to use this powerful tool of the 21st century at AUR. You will get a theoretical foundation and practical know-how in communication and digital media applicable to any industry or governmental body.

You can upgrade your communication skills and learn how to apply communication theory to intercultural communication, communication within organizations, social networks, and mass media management. Aside from experienced professors, you can learn about communication practices from visiting professors coming directly from journalism and media.

At AUR, you will learn:

  • Black and white photography;
  • Aesthetic concepts of motion graphics;
  • The relationship between social media and mobile platforms, and
  • The impact of social media on business.

Public speaking, concept development, storytelling, problem-solving, critical thinking, and team building are at the core of the Communication and digital media program. On top, in addition to applicable knowledge in new and emerging media, you will learn about media ethics, critical thinking, and analysis skills to meet employers’ expectations.

Aside from the above, AUR offers other English-taught programs. Find below a complete program list:

Bachelor’s Programs:

  • Archeology and Classics;
  • Art History;
  • Business Administration;
  • Communication and Digital Media;
  • English Writing, Literature, and Publishing;
  • Film;
  • Fine arts;
  • Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • International Relations and Global Politics;
  • Travel and Tourism Management.

Master’s Programs:

  • Food Studies: Policies for Sustainable Production and Consumption;
  • Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution;
  • Cultural Heritage: Sustainability and Community.


No matter your field of interest, an Educational Advising Center (EAC) advisor can help you choose the right program for you. EAC is a local partner of AUR and knows most of the answers to your questions. Call them and schedule an advising session. Use their experience to make the right decision.


Tuition Fees, Scholarships, and Other Financial Aspects

A full academic year for newbies at AUR costs almost 22,000 EUR. This amount covers costs related to residence permits and healthcare insurance. You should also calculate housing at 8,000 EUR annually and life expenses.

Luckily, AUR offers a variety of financial aid and scholarships, such as the Ambassador Scholarship (for students possessing an IB diploma), the Scholarship for Outstanding Leaders and Academics, the Scholarship for Young Artists, and the Financial Need Scholarship.

Check out with EAC what scholarship is appropriate for you. They will help you in the application process and hopefully significantly reduce total costs. It is important to initiate the application process when you decide to study at AUR.


Study and Live in Rome Like a Local

AUR’s philosophy for its students is to live like a local to make the most of the Rome experience. Unlike many universities, AUR offers accommodations in apartments that fully represent Italian culture. Apartments are furnished and are located in excellent residential neighborhoods close to the campus.

So, imagine a morning when you make a cup of coffee and pass by famous historic corners in Rome on your way to the AUR campus. You will need about 30 minutes to walk to come to Colosseum, Vatican Museum, or Trevi Fountain.

However, although you are accommodated in an apartment, you are not left alone. AUR cares for its students and puts huge effort into their healthy lives and social networking. As an AUR student, you can join some of the following sports activities:

  • Football;
  • Yoga and pilates;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Gym;
  • Running;

There are many established clubs, such as art, business, dramatic arts, games, media, writing, and others, where you can test your aspirations and develop further. AUR ensures your social life is enriched with on and off-campus events, and if you feel sick, you can get healthcare support in public or private health facilities.

Whether you are a travel lover or not, AUR will make sure to wake up your adventurous spirit and challenge you to travel out of Rome. Italy and other European destinations are affordable for students, so beyond your formal visit within the education, you can enjoy trips to Assissi, Popmeii, or Napoli and discover new destinations. It is another way for personal growth and development.

Take Away

While most high school students focus on the state matura exam, some universities have rolled out the admission process. AUR is one of them. Beginning the application process as early as possible gives the candidate an advantage in admission decisions and scholarship status.

Don’t spend too much time doing research alone. Instead, schedule an advising session in EAC and get the support you need. If in doubt, the EAC advisor will guide you through decision-making. They did it for 20 years and helped hundreds of students. They can help you too.

Investment in education is an investment in life. Make it wisely.





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