Complete Your Education at IESEG and Start Making a Difference in the Business Globally

If you’re willing to build an international career and succeed in business and management, you must build strong knowledge and competencies. And for sure, doing it in an international environment with expertise coming from different cultures will be a valuable booster.

If so, then this article will open the needed perspective for you. IESEG School of Management will help you on your way to success. This top-rated management school with triple crown and master’s programs ranked among the top 10 worldwide is where you want to prepare for a bright future. Its traditional management program, the so-called Grande Ecole Program, has all the secrets for the international career you dream about.

Keep reading to discover what is specific about this program and why IESEG Master students are highly wanted in the global job market.


Undeniable Facts About the IESEG School of Management

IESEG School is among the best management schools in the world, thanks to the triple accreditation by the European EQUIS (EFMD Quality Improvement System), the American AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), and the British AMBA (Association of MBAs). There is no doubt why IÉSEG School of Management attracts about 8.000 students a year, although the undergraduate program list is not so long.

Although the school is in France, it has an international environment where:

  • 85% of the professors and researchers, and
  • 25% of students come from around the world


This is substantial for intercultural training sessions and exchanging activities among students from different cultures. Over 1,600 students are part of the exchange programs, and almost 1,800 internships are conducted in other countries.

According to the Financial Times, IESEG is ranked 9th in France and 32nd internationally. Moreover, Master’s programs are among the top 10 worldwide in Class and Faculty diversity according to QS World University ranking:

  • Master in Management – 2nd place;
  • Master in Finance – 4th place;
  • MBA-International track – 5th place;
  • Master in Digital Marketing – 6th

IESEG collaborates with over 330 partner universities and 2,500 partner companies, which makes access to real-world and job opportunities smoother.


Theoretical and Practical Knowledge to Excel in Management

IESEG is known for its prestigious Grande Ecole Program, a 5-year program leading students from high school to completion of their Master’s degree. This traditional program focuses on building competencies and interdisciplinary learning in management.

3-year Bachelors Program

Each bachelor semester is dedicated to a specific theme (Learning and working with a professional mindset, Developing creativity and innovation, Deploying a spirit of entrepreneurship in a digitalized world, etc.), and a specific project follows after the theoretical knowledge. With this concept of working on meaningful interdisciplinary projects, students are more engaged and can immediately implement new knowledge into practice.

What makes the Grande Ecole Program different is the following:

  • Interdisciplinary approach – students learn and build skills by active participation in various projects, including management, economics, law, quantitative methods, and personal development;
  • Skill-based approach – allows students to get in contact with real-case situations in collaboration with companies and organizations;
  • Active pedagogy –students’ interactions with professors during remote and physical courses.


Moreover, this study program challenges and motivates students to be creative and innovative, to implement new ways of working, and to use artificial intelligence and digitalization. As an international program, it is obligatory to learn two different foreign languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, etc. If you choose this program, you can obtain a double degree at some partner universities in Colombia, Germany, Spain, or the US.

2-year Master program

The Master’s program follows once successfully completed undergraduate studies. The Master Cycle enables students to learn more about topics related to their professional orientation, such as:

  • Data visualization;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Positive leadership;
  • Change management;

Furthermore, students can tailor the program following personal aspirations and choose “a la carte” courses.

Skill-based approach and active pedagogy continue during the Master’s cycle; however, other advantages of this prestigious program are the following:

  • Managing diversity in vivo – Students have a chance to practice team management;
  • Personalized support – Coaching experts support students to get prepared for professional projects.

At the end of this 5-year program, you’ll be able to think differently and strengthen your leadership, change management, analytical, and decision-making skills. In one word, you’ll be ready to make significant changes in the global business market.


Bachelor Programs: Get Ready for Business or Management Internationally

IESEG offers top-quality bachelor’s English-taught programs that prepare students to enter the job market successfully right from the start.

International Business – If you have enough self-esteem to cross the border and enter the global business landscape, this program provides you with the required understanding of the international business environment. This program is based on the following:

  • Fundamentals of Management learning;
  • Innovative and market-driven specializations;
  • Personal development;
  • Comprehensive Career program.

These four pillars, together with the professional knowledge that you will develop, will make you confident for a bright international career.  

The program includes at least 10 months of internship, 3 months of international experience, the possibility of a double or triple degree, and an apprenticeship program for more practical experience during the 3rd year of study.

Management and Tech Design – For those that tech world is a desired field to be professionally active and build a career pathway, this program will teach them managerial skills and capabilities. This program will teach you about the tech business environment, theoretical and applied management, and tech design courses. 

Management and Tech Design program will enable you to lead tech and digital projects thanks to the following:

  • Theoretical-practical learning balance;
  • 3 internships for at least 7 months total period;
  • Teamwork;
  • Professional mentoring.


It is important to say that this program is developed in partnership with Rubika (a specialized school in video games 2D/3D animation and design) and gives a life opportunity to study at Rubika campuses in France and Canada.


Master Programs: For Students with International Aspirations

If you want to live in a multicultural environment and get international experience, look at the following master’s programs that might interest you.

Fashion Management – For ambitious students to work internationally in the Fashion and Luxury industry, this program teaches on Fashion and Luxury management.

International Business – This program provides the skills and mindset required for success in international business.

Strategy and Digital Transformation – This program prepares digital masters to be able to transform digital technology in companies into business advantages.

International Business Negotiation – The program teaches students strong negotiation skills to become effective, versatile, and ethical international managers.

Finance – This program prepares students for senior executive positions in finance; they can learn further about financial analysis and asset management and attend soft skills courses.

Banking, Capital Markets, and Financial Technology – The program provides a high level of equity and debt capital markets knowledge and strong technical skills in capital markets securities, banking, and financial technology.

International Accounting, Audit, and Control – This program prepares students for leading roles in financial reporting and analysis, management accounting, decision-making, and financial advisory services.

Digital Marketing & CRM – This program prepares future managers for new marketing ways and relationship improvement with clients in these two rapidly emerging and complementary marketing fields.

Big Data Analytics for Business – This program produces a new generation of data scientists.

Business Analysis and Consulting – A program that provides managerial and communication skills for future managers and consultants to create sustainable company performance for global companies.

Cybersecurity Management – A program dedicated to technical and business knowledge and skills to manage organizational cyber risks.

Management for Sustainability – A program for purpose-driven students that teaches problem-solving and solution implementation to maintain sustainability towards the world’s challenges.  

Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Program designed to develop a critical understanding and entrepreneurial attitude in individuals and organizations.


Tuition Fees, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Studying at this prestigious School of Management required planning a budget to cover studying and living costs.

Annual tuition fees, according to the program, are as follows:

  • Bachelor in International Business – 11,620 EUR
  • Bachelor in Management and Tech Design – 9,500 EUR
  • Master programs – 17,900 / 19,400 EUR.

The good thing is that IESEG supports its students by offering scholarships in the form of a tuition waiver of up to 5,000 EUR if they meet specific criteria. Additionally, there are loans with 0% interest rate available. The French government provides other financial support through scholarships and academic funding. Plus, you can receive CAF (Caisses d’Allocations Familiales) based on your residence permit.

It looks confusing if you don’t have a friend already studying in France to explain. Luckily, EAC has all the details and criteria for possible financial support. Contact EAC, IESEC’s local partner; they know for sure whether you meet the requirements and are eligible for all available financial aid.


Your Life While IESEG Student

IESEG School of Management campuses are located in Paris and Lille. Paris is familiar to many of us, or at least we think we know a lot about the city of light. The hometown of the Olympic Games 2024, this city offers numerous attractions to visit, like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg Gardens, Mullen Rouge, etc. Even adults enjoy visiting Disneyland and feel childish again.

La Defense is the location of the IESEG campus in Paris, about 30 minutes away from the center of the city. This attractive business district with 3,600 companies accommodates about 45,000 students. There are possibilities for on- and off-campus accommodation, and IESEG helps its students find the most suitable accommodation, although it cannot be a guarantor. You can have your meals at university restaurants or cafeterias located on the Paris campus.

Lille, unlike Paris, is more international, being Flemish, Burgundian, and Spanish before Louis XIV occupied and became French. This historic dynamic left outstanding architectural heritage of the 4th biggest city in France. Aside from historical treasure, Lille is known as the No.1 incubator and start-up accelerator in France and the No.1 town in France with the youngest population.

Being a member of the Université Catholique consortium, IESEG offers its students the possibility of accommodation in a residence hall. There are also off-campus housing options. In addition, IESEG students have the advantage of using sports centers, residence halls, academic partnerships, and a medical center. Like the Paris campus, there are five university restaurants and a cafeteria where you can have breakfast, lunch, or snacks.

Keep in mind that the housing capacities in both locations are limited, and the recommendation is to apply for accommodation as soon as you get an acceptance letter. For the whole application process, contact EAC, and get valuable instructions.


Take away

Ready to enter the application process? If not, don’t worry. All your doubts will be gone after the advising session you’ll have with professionals from EAC. With over 20 years of experience supporting students in this essential decision-making process, they will undoubtedly help you, too.

Schedule an advising session for free and get the answers needed to decide where to continue your education. It is now the perfect time to call; some of your peers have already done it.

Choose wisely and start packing your staff for the international life pathway.




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