Embark on a Global Learning Journey: Algebra University’s Cutting-Edge Digital Programs, International Opportunities, and Vibrant Campus Life in Zagreb, Croatia!

If you wish to master innovative digital skills in an international environment at the largest private higher education institution in Croatia, while discovering the beautiful city of Zagreb and hidden gems in Croatia, join us at Algebra University!

In 2023 Algebra celebrated its 25th birthday: what started as a lifelong learning education institution offering specialised short courses at the end of the millennium completed its transition into Algebra University in 2023. Since the very beginning, Algebra has strived to create opportunities for all students to acquire excellent skills and knowledge and thus equip them for globally competitive careers in digital technologies. At Algebra we remain focused on the global occupations of the future and will continue to update programmes through continuous alignment with leading Croatian and international employers, while encouraging learning in an international environment.

The teaching approach at Algebra University puts great emphasis on learning by doing, honing problem-solving skills and project work. Since students develop their skills through cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign companies, their knowledge is immediately applicable to everyday work. This is one of the key reasons global and domestic employers highly value Algebra’s graduates, as evidenced by the fact that within three months of completing their studies, almost all of our students find a job in their profession.

Algebra University is the region’s leading private education provider in Computer Science, Arts, Economy and Graphics Technology that provides top-quality programmes while creating opportunities for both Croatian and international students to build their globally competitive careers in digital technologies.


Located in the country’s capital, Zagreb, a vibrant and culturally rich city that offers a plethora of opportunities for students to explore, learn, and have an unforgettable experience. In addition to its historical charm, Zagreb offers a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that caters to the needs and interests of students. The city is home to a thriving arts and music scene, with numerous theatres, concert halls, and art galleries hosting a variety of cultural events throughout the year. Furthermore, Zagreb is emerging as a dynamic innovation hub, which attracts entrepreneurs, start-ups, and forward-thinking individuals from around the world. With its strategic location, supportive ecosystem, and growing pool of talent, Zagreb offers a fertile ground for innovation and technological advancements.

Students and their parents can also rest assured as Croatia is close and one of the safest countries in the world: according to the Global Peace Index from 2023 Croatia is ranked highly in 14th place and is the safest European country according to the the Numbeo survey carried out in the same year.

At Algebra University, you will never be bored. We have it all – visiting professors and students from all over the world, guest lecturers like Pete Radovich, hackathons, esport competitions, a real-life Oscar Statuette, AI tools. Did we mention Algebra University is also co-organizing the first-ever MIT Bootcamps in Europe next June?

Home of Algebra University is a newly built campus that covers almost 12.500 square meters and encompasses 35 lecture rooms, 20 computer labs, a data centre Nimbus which features a private cloud with numerous physical servers and a supercomputer, data warehouses, firewalls, UPS, the Internet of Things and Robotics Lab, the Innovation Lab, the Network Lab. To ensure creativity in design teaching, Algebra has a modern Art Studio and a 3D production room with 3D printers for larger formats. Our Video and Audio Studios, as well as the Podcast Studio, are readily available to Multimedia and Digital Marketing students to further hone their production and post-production skills. Our unique Innovation Centre is open to all students during university working hours as a makerspace for collaborative work.

Click on the link below to go on a virtual campus tour.

The mission of Algebra University is to develop a dynamic and innovative learning environment that empowers students to develop and apply digital technologies in various fields. Future students can choose between some of the most sought-after and exciting study programs like Game Development, 3D Design, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Data Science. By collaborating closely with the industry, Algebra University ensures its curriculum follows the latest industry trends, and that is why 96% of Algebra’s students are employed in their respectable industry in 6 months after their graduation.

Additional benefit to new students studying at Algebra University is the opportunity to obtain both an EU & UK degree. All study programs at Algebra University are validated by Goldsmiths, University of London which means students can choose to study for a dual degree. Students who successfully complete their bachelor’s and/or master’s studies will receive dual degrees awarded by Algebra University and Goldsmiths, University of London if they opted for this opportunity during the admission and enrolment stage.

Algebra University is also a proud organizer of short-term study programmes in Croatia and abroad. Our short-term programmes include Algebra International Summer School and ABC BootCamps.

Algebra International Summer School takes place each July on Algebra’s campus in Zagreb and in another exciting summer location in Croatia. The location in 2024 has already been announced and we will be taking you to the breath-taking coastal town of Šibenik!

International students can choose between 8 modules from the areas of hardcore computer science future-oriented data science, cutting-edge IT economy or 3D environment art. International students can take the additional Croatian Language and Culture for free! Upon successfully completing Algebra International Summer School programme, students will have earned 6 ECTS points for the main course + an extra 4 ECTS points for the free additional Croatian Language and Culture course. Students will also receive the official certificate issued by Algebra University, an accredited higher education institution.

International Summer School students also have a chance to connect with employers during Company Visits. Company Visits are exclusive guest lectures hosted by leading global industry players. Our guest lecturers are top business professionals who provide exclusive insight into corporate management and business culture, as well as offer priceless business advice that the International Summer School alumni can later apply in forging their careers. The study experience is enhanced by field trips to locations of cultural or historical significance in Croatia, which means that students from all over the world are immersed in a multicultural experience of discovering Croatia.


Starting from 2023, Algebra is a proud organizer of ABC Bootcamps, 2-week summer educational programmes in Toronto and Silicon Valley. ABC Bootcamps brings together students and young individuals, allowing them to experience first-hand the leading global companies and enter the business world ready to make an impact. ABC BootCamps is a perfect choice for students as they will work closely with expert mentors and outstanding professors to develop a business idea into a full, professional business plan. On top of that, corporate visits to the world’s most successful companies and tech giants will give students an insight into innovative business practices and organization from the inside. Upon successfully finishing the program, apart from developing a business plan, students will have earned 4 ECTS points and received the Certificate of Completion which is an excellent way of complementing their resumes!

For the last seven years, Algebra University has been attracting international students who want to make Croatia and Algebra University their live-and-learn destination from all over the world: the United States of America, Finland, Ukraine, South Africa, India, Germany, Tanzania and Malaysia. A few of students from North Macedonia are also enjoying their studies at Algebra. Iva agreed to share her experience, so check what she says about studying at Algebra University below:

Hello, my name is Iva and I am a freshman in the bachelor programme for 3D design at Algebra University. As a motivated individual looking for professional and personal growth and development, Algebra University was the institution that caught my attention from the start. As a potential student, I was assured that the approach will be professional, modules up-to-date and that I will have great possibilities for further development in the desired area.

Although I have only been here for a couple of weeks, I can certainly say that Algebra University truly fulfils their promises and cares deeply for the students. As an international student moving to a new country I was afraid of the challenges that I would have to face regarding the administrative, social and educational responsibilities. Thankfully I was offered help from the day I arrived in Zagreb.  The week before the start of the semester, otherwise known as “International Welcome & Orientation week”, was filled with various activities that helped me acclimatize with my new home, acquire and organize the necessary documents needed for my stay, and get to know my new colleagues.

I made new friends, explored the city of Zagreb and got a lot of useful information for my studies and everyday life. In the past few days, I got the chance to meet my professors and get a glimpse of what’s to come. The working atmosphere is always pleasant, interesting and welcoming. All of the professors are actively trying to form a close bond with their students and are constantly encouraging them to participate and share their opinions. With their assistance, I firmly believe that I will grow more confident, skilled and knowledgeable.  All in all, I’m very pleased with what I’ve got and can confidently say that Algebra University is the right place for me.

The new academic year (2023/2024) started with a record number of students, with 2.000 students enrolled making it one of the five largest Croatian institutions that conduct professional studies.

Join Algebra University and make the international community richer!

Algebra University has rolling admissions but secure your place as soon as possible. Students from North Macedonia do not need a visa for Croatia. The official deadline to apply is July 1st, 2024. EAC as the local partner of Algebra University will support you throughout the application process. First, contact EAC and schedule a free personal advising session. The experienced EAC advisor will provide you with all the details about the application process divided into steps.





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