Get High-quality Education for Future Professions at Luiss, No.1 Private University in Italy

In the last decade, hardware and software design and algorithms analysis have become popular and well-paid occupations. The median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations in the U.S. was $97,430 in 2021, which is projected to grow by 15% by 2031.

Aside from the current IT labor market attractiveness, finance analysts, according to Forbes, are always needed and will be for business success. They are also among the well-paid jobs with a median annual income of nearly $95,570, equal to computer technology jobs.

If computer science and management or business and economics are your fields of interest, and you are looking for high-demand jobs in the following decade, your career pathway is almost set. Still, one crucial component should be added for your future success: a high-quality education.

Luiss University has a solution for you, offering education tailored to employers’ requirements. Innovative programs, collaboration with the business society, and educating professionals ready to face the challenges of the real world make Luis University the right place to begin your career.

Keep reading to find details of the English bachelor’s and master’s programs and the opportunities to study at this No. 1 private university in Italy.



Why Choose Luiss University?                                     

Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli (Luiss University) is an independent Rome-based university created between 1974 and 1978 with four departments:

  • Economics and Finance;
  • Business and Management;
  • Law; and
  • Political Science.

Luiss University, with its innovative education, is among the top 1% of Business Schools and in the top 100 for Political Science Programs worldwide.

More than 1,700 slots are available each year for bachelor’s and single master’s degree programs. In addition, many of the programs offer dual degrees thanks to the extensive network of international exchange programs with 197 universities worldwide.

While the average Italian professor/student ratio is 1:17, here at Luiss University, the ratio is 1:7.

At Luiss University, Italy’s No.1 private university, you will be motivated and challenged to ask questions. The university’s mission is to educate enquirers and open-minded professionals in law, economics, management, and political sciences. Thinking like a scientist and acting like a leader, manager, policy maker, or entrepreneur is how the new generation of professionals will solve problems. As a result, 89% of the students graduate on time.

Luiss University is connected with the business world by collaborating with over 200 companies, public and private institutions, and multinationals. In addition, the Placement & Career Education Office enables students to meet the business world and learn from reality through internships and training. Luiss University supports students in recruitment, so 94% of the alumni find a job a year after graduation.


English-Taught Bachelor’s Programs at LIUSS             

Luiss University offers four English-taught bachelor’s programs, detailed below, and three in Italian only: Scienze Politiche, Economia e Management, and Giurisprudenza.


Economics and Business

This program aims to train open-minded and internationally oriented students. It gives a complete, deep, and high-quality preparation in finance, economics, statistics, business, and law by academics and real-world practitioners. Once you have completed the basics in the first two years, you may choose one of the three major fields: economics, finance, or management.

On top of the basics of economics and business, you’ll strengthen and improve your communication skills and build problem-solving capabilities to meet the modern requirements of the labor market.

By completing this program, you can begin your professional career as a junior analyst or consultant in the public and private economic sectors, start entrepreneurial activities, or continue your academic career.


Management and Computer Science

This bachelor’s innovative program educates the new generation of computer scientists focusing on economics and management. You’ll be able to drive innovations in business, becoming bilingual in management and digital, which is in high demand.

Management and Computer Science is a new program started four years ago to respond to the demands and challenges of the new era. It is ambitious, exciting, and deeply innovative in a highly international environment. The good thing is that it starts from scratch, so you can join this program without any background. In addition, the university encourages girls to enroll in this program with specific support programs for females.


Politics: Philosophy and Economics

If you are interested in political science, law, and history and want to learn about and understand the complex political reality, then this program is right for you.

The program strongly focuses on diversity, such as several lecturers who taught one class. Students are exposed to a diverse legal, political, and philosophical approach that will help them set international career pathways.

This program teaches you history, law, political science, sociology, economics, and other disciplines. In addition, you’ll work on your soft skills and academic language and learn another foreign language such as French, Arabic, Chinese, German, or others.

In the end, you will be ready for broad professional opportunities in public authorities, regulatory agencies, public affairs offices, consulting firms, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, think tanks and lobbies, embassies, and many more. 


Business Administration – Triple Degree

This triple-degree program provides students with adequate theoretical and applied knowledge of the methods and contents of business economics. What makes the program unique is the privilege of learning at 3 universities on 3 continents:

  • Luiss University – Europe;
  • Renmin University – China;
  • George Washington – USA.

IT and data analysis are fundamentals, yet economics, management, and legal are disciplines this program covers, too. You can learn the basics of coding and IT package usage for data analysis and will be challenged with a real-world situation.

Suppose you see yourself as a management technician in a multinational enterprise, an export company, or a consultant operator; this program will qualify you for an international career.


Global Law

If you want to study law and act globally, this fresh new program will meet your expectations. As with other bachelor’s programs, Luiss University provides this program in a stimulating environment for students where academics and reputed professionals conduct lectures and bring their expertise to the auditorium.

While legal is the fundamental field, you will learn about economics, management, and technological innovations. The third year is when you can direct your career in one of the following specialties:

  • Global law and Tech;
  • Global law and business.

Be sure that by completing this program, you’ll become a legal expert capable of facing the challenges in multinational companies, European or international institutions, or non-governmental sectors.


Management and AI

Another program at Luiss University meets the growing market needs for AI experts. This program offers unique and distinctive knowledge from short-term available courses, providing strong economics and business acumen education. The same concept for delivering lectures applies to this program, too. You can learn interdisciplinary programs from top academics and experienced professionals.

You can enroll in this program without a background in computer science and strengthen your quantitative skills in STEM fields with economics and management thinking.


If you don’t know the exact field of your future studies, don’t hesitate to contact EAC. You can get their professional advice to determine your profile and assess your opportunities. Don’t waste time; schedule a free advising session and ask for the application process.



Master’s Programs in English             

Gaining your graduate diploma in the field you dreamt about is just the beginning of your professional life. Many job opportunities await you, yet some require upgraded or specialized knowledge. Luiss University offers Master’s degree programs in Italian and English (see below), most of them a double degree:


Corporate Finance

This program implements innovative teaching methods that help students put the gained theory to transform into applicable practice. It is enriched with case studies, company presentations, simulations, and inspiring talks by top managers and professionals.


Policies and Governance in Europe

This program, linked with the real world, prepares students for practical use of public policy analysis in political science, law, economics, sociology, demography, and management.



By learning about consumer behavior, branding, digital marketing, customer experience management, and marketing analytics, students get ready for work in the marketing field in advertising and media.


International Relations

This Master’s program prepares students for diplomacy, security, or Mediterranean governance challenges, offering a global mindset and interdisciplinary studies.



This program provides advanced knowledge in management and, specialized expertise, and real-life examples in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, International Management, Luxury, and Fashion.


Global Management and Politics

Global Management and Politics focuses on global management’s economic, legal, and economic-business foundations, organizational and strategic issues, and issues concerning the political implications of globalization, international relations, and other aspects of global management.


Data Science and Management

The program focuses specifically on business, economics, and management and combines solid technical-scientific (STEM) and economic disciplines.


Law, Digital Innovation, and Sustainability

This Master’s program educates experts in innovation by teaching them to use instruments for current digital and ecological transitions in society and the economy interpretation.


Tuition Fee and Scholarship                                    

Studying abroad at this prestigious private university brings a financial burden, but on the other side is the financial support that Luiss University provides.

Tuition fees are the same for all students regardless of nationality; the annual amount is € 12,000 for Bachelor’s degree programs and € 13,000 for Master’s. The fee can be paid in three equal installments.

Luiss University offers partial scholarships for annual tuition fees (about € 6,000) to talented students and those with SAT or ACT certification. Financial status and academic performance will be valued for students to be granted a scholarship.

If you meet specific financial and merit requirements, you may apply for the financial support that Luiss University provides. In addition, flexible and affordable loans and foundation scholarship programs are available for Luiss’ students. 

For more up-to-date details on eligibility and the application process, contact EAC.


Accommodation and Stay in Rome                                                    

Moving to study in Rome is more than just being accepted. Accommodation and stay regulations are just the first issues that come to mind.

Luiss University offers accommodation in four residences and the College of Merit Don Nicola Mazza. Prices depend on the room capacity and vary from € 4,500 to € 8,000 annually.

In all accommodation capacities, rooms are single and double with or without a shared bathroom, equipped with essential equipment, utilities, and wifi. In addition, weekly cleaning, internal canteen, shared kitchen, study rooms, music rooms, laundry room, gym, and the green area will make the stay comfortable.

Private student residences near the campuses are also available, with various housing options and scholarship possibilities. In addition, you have available other services, like counseling, health care, part-time student jobs, and many more. So for sure, you won’t be bored.

Once your application is accepted, you can apply for an Italian visa. For this purpose, you will need your diploma, letter of acceptance, and other documents. Contact your local embassy to get the whole list of documents.

EAC, with its 20 years of experience, will lead you through the process for student visas, health insurance, and permission to stay.

Contact EAC and get your partner through the whole enrollment process.



Feel Italy in Rome                                      

Luiss University is located in the Parioli and Trieste neighborhoods in the heart of Rome. You have an available cafeteria and areas for sports and activities, yet Rome offers much more.

Living in historic Rome will be exciting, offering a mixture of ancient history, art, cultural events, and the Italian lifestyle. Unlike Milan, which became more international over the years, you will feel more Italian in Rome.

Crossing the Rome streets is like going through an open museum. You will find a historical monument on every street, have espresso in a cafeteria on every corner, or taste Italian food in every restaurant you pass by.

Although Rome is attractive to tourists throughout the year, it still keeps some traditional habits regarding meals. For example, the usual hours for lunch are 12 a.m. to 4 p.m., and dinner is served after 7 p.m. Therefore, the faster you adapt, the fewer difficulties you’ll have finding an open restaurant between hours.

Rome’s people are stylish, chic, passionate like most Italians, and open to new people. However, you might find it challenging to build a relationship with them due to their low level of English. So take this opportunity while learning Italian in Italy; Italians will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Rome is well connected with busses, trams, metro, and other regions. Instead of staying in Rome for three years, use the opportunity to explore the Italian landscape, nature, and heritage.



If you have decided to study politics, business, computer science, or management abroad, Luiss University is one of the best choices. If in doubt, schedule an advising session in EAC and get professional support. Many universities have opened the calls for applications already.

The EAC advisor will help you in this critical decision-making process and guide you through enrollment. All advisors have 20 years of professional experience and excellent relations with partner universities. By identifying your professional orientation and budget, they will offer you a solution that meets your needs.

Your professional career begins by choosing the right high-quality program and country where you feel at home. So think twice about whether Luiss University and Rome are your life choices.





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