Luiss University Orientation Workshops in March

Free trial classes in Management and Political Science conducted by our professors and our top alumni together.

Students enrolled in their senior year (high school or undergraduate) will also be able to submit a final paper which will be valid towards admissions for the academic year 2021 – 2022. 

Summary of the orientation workshops:

  • Programs:
    • Advanced Business Management:
      • Dates: 24 – 26 March, 16:00 – 18:00
      • Speakers: our professors and a Luiss alumni Marketing Director at Bulgari
      • Target: High school students BA students
    • Global Leadership Challenges:
      • Dates: 30 – 31 March, 16:00 – 18:00
      • Speakers: professors and two alumni now senior professionals at FAO e ONU
      • Target: High school students BA students


  • Scholarships: Awarded for both workshops and will be assigned based on the final paper

Final paper: Senior students (both High school and undergraduate) will be able to submit a final paper valid for admissions. They still need to meet all the minimum requirements to enroll in an Italian University (all the criteria are in the call for applications on the website)



March 15, 2021
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