Study Abroad – Scholarships EXPO 2020 Webinars

Each year Study Abroad – Scholarships EXPO as a part of the fair organizes presentations from each university. Since COVID protocols do not allow indoor presentations , this year WEBINARS will be organized with certain terms for representing the participating universities. Applying to participate in them is also mandatory. The number of participants is limited!

This is the timetable for the webinars, please register on the link for the specific webinar below:

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Institution   Topic Date   Time Link for registration
American College of Tessaloniki (ACT)   The American educational system: The case of the American Collage of Tessaloniki (ACT) 22.10.2020   12:00 Register Here
Webster University   Studying in the heart of Europe: Vienna, Webster University  22.10.2020   13:00 Register Here
Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore   Universita’ Cattolica – Study in English experience Italy, University Cattolica, UCSC, Milan  22.10.2020   14:00 Register Here
Universita Iuav di Venezia   Study in Venice: Architecture, Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Urban Planning, Universita Iuav di Venezia 22.10.2020   15:00 Register Here
UK Government Chevening Scholarships, British Embassy Skopje    UK Government Chevening Scholarships 22.10.2020   16:00 Register Here
UniLaSalle   Study opportunities in Earth and Environmental Sciences at UniLaSalle, France 22.10.2020   17:00 Register Here
Burgundy School of Business   Lead for Change, Burgundy School of Business, France 22.10.2020   18:00 Register Here
EU Business School    Study business in the best European cities – EU Business School  23.10.2020   12:00 Register Here
Cologne International Business School   Advantages of studying business in English in Germany, Cologne International Business School 23.10.2020   13:00 Register Here
IULM   Studying Communications and Creative industries in Milan, IULM 23.10.2020   14:00 Register Here
LUISS University   LUISS: A global engaged University 23.10.2020   15:00 Register Here
University of Padova    Study programs and Scholarship opportunities at University of Padova 23.10.2020   17:00 Register Here
Jacobs University Bremen   Study Science, Engineering and Business in English in Germany, Jacobs University Bremen 23.10.2020   18:00 Register Here
American University in Bulgaria, AUBG    Discovering you: A fearless explorer, American University in Bulgaria, AUBG 24.10.2020   12:00 Register Here
Asia Pacific University, APU   Explore the opportunity to study in Malaysia & Asia Pacific University, APU 24.10.2020   13:00 Register Here
Embassy of Canada   Study with a Canadian Institution : Remote studies, Co-op Studies, Scholarships and Work Opportunities, Embassy of Canada  24.10.2020   14:00 Register Here
London South Bank University, London   Study Opportunities at LSBU in the heart of London, London South Bank University, London 24.10.2020   17:00 Register Here
Universita Ca’Foscari Venezia   Study programs and Scholarship opportunities at Universita Ca’Foscari Venezia 24.10.2020   18:00 Register Here
Embassy of Canada   Study with a Canadian Institution : Remote studies, Co-op Studies, Scholarships and Work Opportunities, Embassy of Canada  27.10.2020   17:00 Register Here
  • Registration deadline for all webinars is 1 hour before the start of the webinars
October 20, 2020
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