Study at CBS: Immerse Yourself in the World of Business Management

Still trying to find your gateway to a dynamic career in business? For sure, many universities offer business programs, but not all have top theoretical and practical education and global opportunities. We suggest you to discover CBS International Business School, with wide range of business courses, flexible learning options and personalized support.

CBS stands out as an accredited by prestigious bodies like the Science Council, IACBE, and FIBAA, and ensures quality education. It offers specialized programs like International Business, Business Psychology, or Finance & Management, tailored to meet the demands of today’s job market. These programs allow you to immerse into exciting fields like Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Technology Management, and more.

Curious to find out more about? Then, keep reading this article. Learn why CBS graduates are highly sought after and about student life in vibrant Cologne that is all but not boring.  Thanks to Educational Advising Center, CBS is now so close to you to kickstart your journey in the world of business.


Why CBS International Business School?

CBS International Business School is institutionally accredited by the Science Council, the most important science policy advisory body in Germany and federal and state government advisor. It has also specialized accreditation for its business program(s) through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) for the USA, and by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) for its quality.

If you want to study business, CBS Cologne is the right place! Wondering why? Here are some good reasons:

  1. Face-to-face and digital learning gives study flexibility to students at the campus. Lectures on site in small groups enable you meet other students and your lecturers. On the other side, different e-learning formats allow you to determine the time, pace and location of the learning activities.
  2. Economic experts and professors with business backgrounds bring their expertise and experience directly to you in the class. Moreover, guest lecturers and excursions boost variety in teaching and allow every student to immerse directly in management.
  3. Study programs, semesters and internships abroad, over 160 partner universities worldwide, and living with students from 78 different nations and cultures make CBS campus international.
  4. According to a survey of HR managers by WirtschaftsWoche, CBS graduates are among the best-trained young professionals on the German job market. The step by step support of the Career Center and about 800 corporate partners is the best match between you and your future employer.

Not enough reasons. Here are some more, the CBS ranking worth to mention:

  • Best private technical college in the field of business administration in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate;
  • Among the TOP 5 private technical colleges in 5 categories by the Trendence graduate barometer;
  • One of the business schools with the best learning and continuing education offerings in Germany, by the business and finance magazine Focus-Money.

If you need more reasons to evaluate CBS, contact EAC, they will tell you more or even arrange meeting or visit with CBS staff.


Bachelor’s Programs at CBS for Business of the Future

Educational program and principles of the past unfortunately does not work anymore towards the skills and qualifications that the job market requires. Luckily, CBS has developed business studies that are bringing the next generation of business bachelors to the education market:

  • International Business (B.Sc.);
  • Business Psychology (B.Sc.);
  • Finance & Management (B.Sc.).

What makes International Business program attractive is the blend of entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, technology management, and business psychology.



Studying entrepreneurship at a CBS is a smart choice if you dream of starting your own business or working in a dynamic and reinventing innovative companies. You need a mix of skills, talents, and connections to make your own business successful. At CBS, you’ll get all of this along with practical experience, making it a top school for people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you have entrepreneur spirit, choose International Business English taught program that focuses on international entrepreneurship. You’ll start with basics of business administration and then dive into entrepreneurship modules. Here, you’ll find supportive professors, the CBS Founders Factory, and many successful start-ups run by CBS alumni, creating an excellent environment for budding entrepreneurs. Some students even start their own companies while studying here.

Entrepreneurship is more than managing a business; it’s about believing in your ideas, taking risks, and making bold decisions. If you want to own your destiny and make your ideas a reality, this entrepreneurship course is tailored for you. You’ll learn everything from finding business ideas, facing legal or regulatory challenge, to managing teams and achieving success in the market.

Studying entrepreneurship at CBS will definitely prepare you to a world of opportunities!


Financial Management

Studying financial management gives you a peek into the secrets of success in managing finances. It’s all about making sure a company stays financially healthy. This means planning how to spend money wisely both now and in the future. For example, deciding whether to invest in something that might make the company more profitable later, even if it means having less money available right now.

Financial management covers a lot of ground. You’ll learn how to manage and organize payments, finding sources for investments (like through loans or investments), and ensure the company profitability with controlling expenses. For those good with numbers and interested in how money works, studying financial management can deepen their understanding.

If you want to make a career out of managing money, financial management might be the perfect fit for you. You’ll learn about economics, finance, and how to analyze financial data to make informed decisions. You will also learn tax law, controlling, accounting and marketing, as an important basic in the area. Your knowledge could help companies stay financially stable and grow over time.

With a degree in financial management, you can step into various roles in the financial world, a commercial company in the finance department, lead and support budgeting process and control expenses. Or you could become a financial analyst, looking at data to help companies make smart financial decisions.



If marketing is your choice, studying this area will open you doors to a wide range of exciting career paths. Throughout your studies, you’ll dive into how to attract and convince potential customers to buy products through effective targeted advertising campaigns. But marketing isn’t just about writing catchy ads – it’s about understanding market needs, adapting to changes, and boosting sales. It’s about crafting strategies to make products successful.

CBS study program will take you through every step of the marketing process. You’ll explore different marketing tools like product, price, distribution, and communication policies to achieve your goals. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to develop strategies, put them into action, and evaluate their success. Plus, you’ll understand how to measure the impact of your marketing efforts and adapt your strategies accordingly.

In today’s digital age, online marketing is more important than ever. This includes strategies like affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. With the rise of mobile devices, mobile marketing has also become crucial. Online marketing allows for better measurement and prediction of success compared to traditional methods like TV or print ads.

Finally, your marketer day could vary from office tasks, brainstorming sessions, to being on a film set to shoot a commercial. Never boring!


Technology Management

Technology management is crucial for companies reliant on innovation. It’s a blend of business and engineering, focusing on detecting, evaluating, and implementing new technologies for a competitive edge. CBS offers specialized programs for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, integrating high-level business administration.

At CBS, you’ll find programs tailored to your interests, whether your main focus is on business administration with technology as an extra component or you want to learn deeply into both areas. Studying technology management equips you with skills in innovation, problem-solving, and making an impact in the business world. If you’re passionate about driving change and shaping the future through technology, this field could be an ideal fit for you.

Such knowledge will prepare you for identifying and controlling new technologies, improve internal processes or enhance products for customers, leading to measurable efficiency and economic benefits. It’s a collaborative effort, working closely with departments like development and purchasing, as well as decision-makers like the board of directors.


Business Psychology

Finally, business psychology is all about understanding how people think and act when they buy things. When you study business psychology, you’re basically learning about two main areas: psychology and economics.

Imagine you’re trying to sell a new product, like a smartphone. Business psychologists help figure out why people might want to buy it, what makes someone choose one phone over another or how to make the phone attractive to different types of people.

Studying business psychology means asking questions like how someone picks a certain brand of smartphone or why. You learn how to analyze these situations scientifically, which means looking at them in a really detailed way. You’ll be able to develop concepts how to design the brand to appeal the target customers, conduct market research and brand campaigns.

After you finish studying business psychology, you can work in advertising, management consultancies, as an independent coach, consultant or in a company’s human resources department, choosing the right people for the job and training them. There are so many possibilities, which is why studying business psychology is so interesting!

Found it interesting? More about psychology in the business world you can learn if you choose Business Psychology.


And this is not what CBS can offer. In their Bachelor’s program you may find courses related to logistics, distribution, or Human resources management. If you want to dig more into these, contact EAC, the official partner of CBS. In EAC they know everything about these courses and what program perfectly matches your field of interest. Schedule an advising session and find out.



Living while Studying at CBS

The quality of the German educational system is well-known; it offers contemporary theoretical knowledge always accompanied with applicable practical experience. With your German diploma, for sure you will be with good reputation among top candidates for a new job. Together with the skills that you going to develop and improve, you’ll have amazing work opportunity in the biggest European economy that nowadays struggles with working force.

CBS puts huge efforts for its welcoming international community. For international students there is a colorful program of welcome nights, country evenings, excursions in the region and weekend trips to various large German cities. The CBS Study Buddies help you settle in in Germany and integrate into the CBS student community.

The CBS campus is strategically located between “Südstadt” and the city center, just 1,000 meters from the students’ district. The campus is fully equipped with facilities that meet today’s students’ standards. Light and comfortable classrooms, fully equipped with computers and screens, large bibliotheca, cafeteria, and green garden away from the city noise.

CBS campus offers students help in finding suitable accommodation through fixed contingents in dormitories. If you come with idea that Germans don’t enjoy life, you’re wrong. You’ll find CBS students spend their free time in cozy bars in Cologne’s old or new town or on the banks of the Rhine on hot summer days.

Cologne is an old university town and has student district. Numerous universities are located in a district where over 100,000 students are dominant with their lifestyle. This district is the most popular for nightlife in Cologne with impressive party and cultural events going throughout the year. Aside from Cologne Cathedral, the carnival, world class museums, and other national heritage, Cologne is an international cosmopolitan city where over 180 nations live there.


Make Your Final Step: Come to EAC and Get Enrolled

There is much more to say about CBS, fantastic programs developed for the future managers, the cleverly chosen campus location, the inspiration to study and live in Cologne. Unfortunately, March is almost finished and universities fill in their places for upcoming academic year.

You don’t have plenty of time for endless exploring and thinking as it might look like. EAC can help you to finalize the decision-making process and immediately initiate application process. You wonder how? EAC advisors are doing this for 20 years. They helped dozens of students to make the right decision and get a bachelor or master degree in some of their partner universities.

In the lack of time, they can give you the answer on any question you have because they know whom to ask.

Don’t look around further and chose EAC as a reliable and proven partner for your future success.





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