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Germany is among the most attractive destinations for studying abroad thanks to 181 listed universities and being the largest European economy with a labor market of over 45 million employees. The massive opportunities are there; the question is if you can visualize yourself there with a prosperous professional career.

It is complex to give a straightforward answer, yet there is a study program just for you that will open a new perspective. SRH Holding, with its 10 universities, offers a variety of innovative, creative, and highly-ranked Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Whether you are business-oriented and want to study Management, Entrepreneurship, or International Business, or creative jobs fit you more, such as Marketing, Music, Design, or Film, SRH has developed a specific program for each.

In this article, you can read about the English-taught programs in Berlin and Heidelberg campuses and more facts about Germany as an inspiring and promising destination for living.


SRH: A Students’ Guide in Their Own Individual Path

You might find SRH in the context of a healthcare service provider. Aside from this, SRH Holding is a private provider of high-quality education with 10 private universities, two of which are in Berlin and Heidelberg. Berlin Campus is the newest one, with contemporary architecture built from scratch, a place to learn, make friends, and build a career.

SRH introduces CORE principles of high education where the student is in the center. The highest priority of SRH is to develop students’ competencies. In this international environment, you will learn skills for tomorrow and be ready for global challenges and intercultural collaboration. Dedicated teachers coach students during their studies by giving students personal advice, digital exchange, and regular feedback.

SRH implements innovative teaching methods enriched with practical projects and teamwork. During your internship program with any of over 3.500 business, culture, politics, and society partners, you will have a chance to integrate into the real world as early as during your studies.  

Thanks to the career center’s support and free German language classes, SRH can be proud of the 97% employment rate within a year of graduation, probably the most essential fact.


SRH: Wide List of Programs for Any Aspiration

Among the diversity of programs, there are about 50 programs taught in English, most of them on the Berlin campus.

Berlin School Management (BSM)

BSM offers courses developed and reinvented in collaboration with the industry. Programs teach students the competencies and agility they need to become successful managers and encourage entrepreneurship in each student. BSM provides specifically tailored programs such as:

International Business Administration Healthcare Management B.A. – This new program was developed to create a new generation of managers in the healthcare sector. Focusing on healthcare, the program provides management education of all relevant perspectives and specifics on the healthcare industry. AI in healthcare, eHealth, and medical apps are some tools you will learn about, together with all the necessary soft and hard skills.

International Business Administration Business Psychology B.A. – This program will help you deepen your management knowledge and learn what motivates and drives people. With this Bachelor’s degree, you can contribute as a coach, work on behavioral research, or become a business consultant.

Berlin School of Technology (BST)

BST offers innovative and interdisciplinary Engineering and Computer Science programs. The school is specialized in modern management, entrepreneurship, engineering, technology, and computer science and produces sought-after skilled professionals. While studying the courses for your profession, you will learn the necessary basics in business relations and soft skills for successful leadership. Here, you can learn:

Applied Mechatronic Systems B.Eng. – In-depth understanding of the mechatronics disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. You will refresh your knowledge of mathematics, physics, and statistics. Ultimately, you will deepen your programming skills and develop intercultural and communication skills.

Computer Science Health Informatics B.Sc. – You will strengthen your programming skills and learn to develop health apps, AI software solutions, and medical games. This program will strengthen your personal skills and engage you in agile projects with international students.

Berlin School of Design and Communication (BSDC)

BSDC offers programs that focus on competencies and are based on learning through projects, collaboration, and partnership with the creative industry network. This school offers programs in photography, film, illustration, and other disciplines.

User Experience Design B.A. – You will learn to visualize messages and information, storytelling, expanding realities, and changing the environment using technology and design. This Bachelor’s degree will help you find a job as a digital artist, video and creative producer, UI/UX designer, motion designer, or 2D/3D technical artist.

Illustration B.A. – You can upgrade your drawing creativity and learn to apply your skills in a professional context. You will learn to visualize messages, draft blueprints, and develop your style. This program education will open your professional pathways to publishing, advertising, cultural, or scientific institutions.

Berlin School of Popular Arts (BSPA)

BSPA, specializing in music and audio, media, and creative industries management, delivers its program in state-of-the-art facilities. Over 600 students enjoy their classes in outstanding music studios, concert scenes, and photography studios. You will study from successful music, film, and media professionals. Some of the programs are:

Creative Industries Management B.A. – This is a management program adapted to the complex and dynamic world of creativity. It prepares students for creative and cultural industries by covering topics of communication, art, culture, and entrepreneurship. You will become an expert in trends and innovation, communication, and organizational development, seeking new innovative approaches.

Audio Design B.A. – You can rarely find a high-quality undergraduate program in electronic music production and sound design. This program focuses on music production, sound design, composition, and music technology. You will learn to create and design soundtracks for movies and games.

SRH Heidelberg

SRH Heidelberg, the other attractive campus, is known for its innovative study model. As a result, SRH Heidelberg received the Genius Loci Award for Excellence in Teaching from Stifterverband in 2018. Its goal is for each student to complete the degree successfully and confidently, and begin a career without worries. Within over 50 years of delivering education in German, today SRH Heidelberg can offer a Bachelor’s English-taught program:

International Business, B.A. – The program opens international perspectives and career opportunities for those comfortable in the global scene. You will learn the business aspects (human resources, corporate communication, marketing, and sales) and build intercultural competencies. With a semester abroad in a partnership university, you will learn a foreign language and build your network for your future.


Bachelor English-taught Programs – Full list

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

  • Applied Mechatronic Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science Health Informatics
  • Advertising & Brand Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Development
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Creative Industries Management
  • Popular Music
  • Audio Design
  • Music Production
  • Film & Motion Design
  • International Business Administration (Campus Hamburg)
  • International Business Administration Healthcare Management
  • International Business Administration Digital Marketing (Campus Hamburg)
  • International Business Administration Business Psychology (Campus Hamburg)
  • Development I Digital Services & Products
  • Visual & Interactive Media Design

SRH University Heidelberg

  • International Business, B.A.
  • International Business spec. In Watersports Management, B.A.


Masters English-taught Programs – Full list

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

  • Computer Science: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence | Cyber Security
  • Engineering and Int. Business – Renewable Energy, Water and Waste Management
  • Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management | “Smart” Building Technologies
  • Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management | Industry 4.0.: Automation, Robotics & 3D
  • Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management | Mobility and Automotive Industry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Film, Television and Digital Narratives
  • International Management: Creative Leadership
  • International Management
  • Photography
  • Social Design & Sustainable Innovation
  • Strategic Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Executive General Management
  • General Management
  • International Healthcare Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Doctorate of Business Administration

SRH University Heidelberg

  • Applied Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • International Business and Engineering
  • Water Technology
  • International and Comparative Business Law
  • International Management and Leadership
  • Music Therapy
  • Dance Movement Therapy
  • Big Data & Business Analytics



Prepare Your Budget for Your Study Abroad

Tuition fees vary slightly depending on your chosen program and are 7-9.000 EUR yearly. There is a one-time enrollment fee of 1.000 EUR that you should calculate for your overall budget.

SHR puts maximal effort into helping their students not only choose the right program for their personal and professional lives but also financially to support their coming and studying in Germany. For this purpose, there are several financial support possibilities that you might fit into:

  • Deutschlandstipendium – monthly support for high-achieving and committed students;
  • Performance Scholarship – for talented and dedicated students;
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship – for entrepreneurs with a great business idea;
  • Women for Leadership Scholarship – for ladies with leadership aspirations;
  • Talent Scholarship – for exceptional talents in music, art, design, or photography;
  • Future of Tech and Women in Tech – for those passionate about programming, especially encouraging women.

For more details about each scholarship, call EAC and find out how and when it is best to apply.

When planning to study abroad, consider additional costs aside from tuition fees. Germany is a European country with moderate living costs. You will need about 600 EUR for accommodation and household. However, this and other expenses related to your daily life mainly depend on your lifestyle. 

While studying in Germany, you will need health insurance, too. Luckily, Macedonia has signed an agreement with the German government for cross-border coverage. So, you can either use this one or a European Health Insurance Card.



Undeniable Facts in Favor of Study and Live in Germany

Germany is the European leader in the economy, with 84 million inhabitants and a prestigious place to study. With a steady unemployment rate below 6%, established headquarters of automotive, chemicals, and electronics sectors, and a shortage of well-educated people (engineers, computer scientists, healthcare professionals, scientists, etc.), Germany is a great place to start your career.

Putting these facts together with the fact that 12 million citizens come from all over the world makes Germany a great place to be an international student.

Berlin, the capital, is a German and European metropolis. Since the 13th century, Berlin has had a rich history with several significant transformations. However, today, Berlin, with 3,7 million inhabitants, is one of the most popular cities and connects people, cultures, and businesses.

Moreover, Berlin has reputable universities, and its educational landscape attracts non-German students. As a result, 1/5 of all students are international. As a student in Berlin, you can explore its history by visiting the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building, Berlin Philharmonic, or Frederichstrase. Do we need to mention events and its famous nightlife?

Heidelberg is different than Berlin, with only 160,000 residents. This smaller city is located in the middle of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and captivates with its romanticism and 21st-century reality. People living there feel like they are at home. It attracts creative people, entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers.

At the same time, this oldest university town in Germany attracts students. Over 38,000 students come to Heidelberg for their undergraduate and graduate studies. Even though it is unknown, this student city is proud of its 56 Nobel prize winners. This fact is self-explanatory about the universities’ qualifications and their quality of education.

Last but not least, Germany is among the 15 most peaceful countries in the world. Year after year, Germany is improving its global peace index, which reached 15 in 2023. Any more doubts about studying and living in Germany?



If the facts presented above are insufficient to convince you, you can always contact EAC and ask for additional free advice. Experienced advisors will tell you all you need to know about studying in Germany, the program you want to study, and the most successful way to apply.

This center has helped hundreds of students in the past 20 years. They will help you too. The ICEF accreditation obtained, once again, guarantees their commitment to professional and quality educational advising services. With their experience, they will find a perfectly matching program and lead you through the application process.

The future is in front of you; how you will shape it is up to you!



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