Study in Padova, at the Leading Research University Internationally

Studying abroad is a dream of many students, and some of them prefer Europe rather than moving over the ocean. Hundreds of European universities offer a variety of high-quality programs for international students. However, affordability could be an obstacle to the dream coming true. If you are looking for a student-friendly environment with a Mediterranean climate, Italy is your future destination.

But have you ever thought about studying psychology, biology, or medicine at one of the oldest universities in the world? Can you imagine being a student at Italy’s top-ranked University for teaching and research quality and sitting in the same chair as Nicolaus Copernicus?

It’s achievable if you choose the Università Degli Studi di Padova, placed in Padova, or Padua, a town close to Venice and Milano. This highly ranked public university offers quality programs at an annual fee of up to 3.000 EUR, and your chance to find a job in the first year after graduation is 77.7%, 3% above the national average.

The University of Padova promotes inclusivity and creates an international and intercultural environment. Keep reading and find out more reasons to study in Padova.














Why Università Degli Studi di Padova?

Studying at the University of Padova (UNIPD) is a rare opportunity for education at one of the top-ranked universities with 800 years of history and tradition. This University is a world leader among universities that have driven global changes over the past eight centuries.

Well-known names like Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus, fathers of modern science, have studied at the University of Padova, the second-oldest university in Italy and one of the oldest in the world. Andreas Vesalius from Brussels, a founder of modern anatomy, and the Englishman William Harvey, who discovered blood circulation, were both students at the University of Padova.

Regardless of being a public university, over 90% of the students are highly satisfied with their experience and academic career. This is a result of continuous program improvement, high adaptability, and the implementation of innovative teaching. UNIPD was among the first universities in Italy that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, switched to online over 6.000 classes in 7 days.

At UNIPD, teachers are also part of the continuous educational process. They learn new and effective strategies to stimulate interaction with the students, learn how to use innovative technology methods to teach students, and increase student engagement, building direct and emphatic relationships with students.

This eight centuries-old university is positioned high in the most renowned international ranking. UNIPD is the third-best university in Italy and is in the top 250 based on Times Higher Education 2023. Its academic rank is 151-200 of the world universities, and it holds 132nd place among THE most international universities.

Padova is a small city and much more affordable than Milan or Rome. Studying in Padova is less expensive, and living costs are, on average, €700 per month. You can feel welcomed and joyful in a country with a Mediterranean climate and a student-oriented town.









Bachelor’s and Master’s English Programs at a Public University

For some, it may be surprising, but the public University of Padova offers undergraduate programs in English and not only in Italian. You may also find postgraduate programs in English, Spanish, or French.

All English programs follow the 3+2 European Credit Transfer System, except Medicine and surgery, the only single-cycle study for six years.

If you are interested in the following programs:

  • Psychological science,
  • Techniques and Methods in Psychological Science,
  • Biology of Humans and Environmental Health
  • Animal Care,
  • Information engineering, and
  • Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies,

all these programs are English-taught with a duration of 3 years, and at the end, you will get a Bachelor’s degree or Laurea in Italian. You can join all the programs in Padova, except Animal care in the Legnaro branch, 10km away from Padova.

Bear in mind that the university has limited access to English-taught programs, and applications at first call are closed on the 2nd of February. Use your time wisely, contact EAC and check what has to be done to apply on time.

When it comes to Master’s degree studies, the list of programs is much longer. Out of 153 comprehensive programs, 39 are in English in 12 fields. At Padova University, you can Master in:

  • Environmental Sustainability and Education,
  • Food and Health,
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
  • Chemical and Process Engineering,
  • Computer Science and Engineering,
  • Data Science,
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies,
  • Human Rights and Multi-Level Governance,
  • Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology,
  • Astrophysics and Cosmology, and many more.

If you are interested in Master’s degree programs in English, visit the University website or contact EAC to find all available programs and get a suitable recommendation based on your interest.


Tuition Fee and Funding Opportunities

Studying abroad means extra costs for you and your family that might only be affordable for some. The good thing is that the tuition fee at the University of Padova is less expensive than at private universities. The University offers funding opportunities beneficial for international students, despite the family’s economic background.

Tuition fees depend on the program type, and for students coming from non-EU developed countries, are:

  • Humanistic: €2.533
  • Scientific: €2.626
  • Primary teacher education: €2.948

Fees can be reduced based on the family’s financial standing with the certificate “ISEE Parificato,” which includes earnings, property, and expenses.

In addition, the University of Padova offers other economic benefits like merit-based and income-based scholarships. For more details, contact EAC; the available advisor will explain to you in detail all the possibilities.

Knowing that you can have a part-time job as an international student once you get a valid residence permit is helpful. With 20 hours/week working in some of the University offices or as a tutor, you can significantly cover part of the expenses during your studies.



Accommodation Close to University Buildings

Once you become a student at the University of Padova, it is time to look for accommodation. About 60.000 students are accommodated at residences, several private colleges, or apartments that collaborate with the University.

The International housing office supports international students and helps them find accommodation reserved for them. Some residence halls are situated in the city’s center, close to the university buildings, and can accommodate 1.400 students.

There are many accommodation opportunities; remember that not only 5.000 international students need accommodation, but Italian students from other towns also need accommodation.

Once your application is accepted, begin to find accommodation. If you don’t know how to do it, EAC will give you clear instructions.


Being a Student at the University of Padova

Studying abroad brings many uncertainties. However, the University of Padova has various student services that will support you during the first weeks when you needed the most. Starting from welcome initiatives for international students or a dedicated Buddy, a senior University student just for you will help you to settle in.

Some students might face difficulties in exam preparation or studying time management. In such a challenging situation, Tutoring Services will help those students to overcome it.

Those who haven’t studied abroad cannot understand the struggles that internationals might have in some periods of their studies. You can ask for assistance while obtaining your residence permit and other immigration-related issues. Also, a dedicated service for psychological or medical issues is available for students in need.

If you need support for an internship or a job, Career Service is there to support you and offer them plenty of opportunities.


Live in Padova and Explore Italy’s Heritage

Studying in Italy, a country with a unique historical and cultural heritage has many advantages. Italy is a budget-friendly destination for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Europe. Aside from Milano and Rome, living in smaller towns such as Padova is much more affordable for students.

Padova is located in the Veneto region and, as a small-size town, is walkable and welcoming for students. During your stay in Padova, you can have a unique experience of exploring its historical monuments in detail and visiting piazzas and museums within walking distance. You have the option to rent or share bikes or use public transport.

Padova is a student-centric town where about 30% of the total population are students; therefore, it offers many restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, and theaters attractive to young people.

Padova is well connected with other towns in the region so, for the weekend, you can explore different Italian cities. You can visit Venice on a boat tour or go to Bologna by train for less than 2 hours. The whole country is well connected with public transport and students can benefit from the discount price.

Italians are welcoming people so that you can establish friendly relations quickly. Usually, they are open and willing to share local tips, like recommending where to eat, go out, or safety precautions. However, you might experience that not all Italians are as such. Don’t take it personally; the English language might be a barrier because not all Italians know English well. Turn this barrier into an opportunity and learn Italian; Italians will much appreciate it.

Many other opportunities are there for you; you should go and grab them.



Final Thoughts

The decision for your education and future professional career is in your hands. You can still earn high-quality education at the University of Padova at an acceptable cost. The University of Padova offers many opportunities. However, the deadlines are tight, and applications are just about to start. You might feel confused and need plenty of time to decide.

Take the opportunity for free advice and get the support that EAC offers you. Advisors at EAC have 20 years of professional experience and could give you the right direction and lead you through the application process.

Make the first step now, call us to schedule 45 minutes advising session, and get the answers to all your questions. Be proactive now and begin to make your dream come true.

December 23, 2022
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