UniLaSalle: Your Gateway to a New Grande Ecole

Embarking on a journey to pursue higher education is a significant milestone for every high school student. Choosing the right institution sets the foundation for individual professional and life endeavors. UniLaSalle is a distinguished French university offering an array of compelling reasons to consider it as your academic destination for a new generation of food and agro engineers.

From undergraduate studies in Agro, Food, and Environmental Engineering to specialized Master’s programs spanning various fields, the university provides a fertile ground for intellectual exploration and personal growth. Moreover, UniLaSalle’s commitment to international exchange programs fosters cross-cultural understanding and enriches knowledge and life experience.

As you navigate the intricacies of higher education, UniLaSalle emerges as a compelling choice, offering a blend of academic rigor, cultural immersion, and unparalleled opportunities for success. Explore why UniLaSalle could be your gateway to a transformative educational journey.


Why Studying at UniLaSalle?

UniLaSalle has a rare broad portfolio of English-taught programs, although it is a French university. Starting from the undergraduate Agro, Food & Environmental Engineering program, you can continue with Master studies in any field related to food and health, agronomy, agro-industry, geosciences, environment, and energy. Keep reading this article to find the latest details on each program.

Furthermore, you can join this university as part of the International Exchange program. You may choose Agro, Food, and Environmental Engineering for one to two semesters in the second or third year of studies. As a 4th year student, you have other programs to choose from:

  • Research and Innovation in Food for Health;
  • Natural Resources Management in Agroecosystems;
  • Plant Breeding;
  • Geo-energies, Climatic Risks and Territories;
  • International Trade – Smart Global Ag & Food Markets;
  • Farming for the Future.

Depending on the campus and program, this opportunity for international exchange can enhance your academic experience and cultural understanding.

What is unique about all programs is the high-quality knowledge that they provide. The quality of the programs and UniLaSalle’s link with business society are the main reasons for ranking this university as:

  • 2nd out of 5 schools among the “Environment” specialty;
  • 2nd out of 5 schools among the “Geosciences-geotechnics” specialty;
  • 3rd out of 13 schools among the “Agronomy, agri-food” specialty.

Moreover, UniLaSalle is among the leading universities in undergraduate and postgraduate education. This university works on France’s strategic sovereignty and reindustrialization with a strategic ecological and societal transformation vision. With the intense effort of the Career Center, UniLaSalle integrates young students through a solid alumni network. As a result, the employability of young graduates at UniLaSalle is 16.1/20.

There are many more reasons to choose UniLaSalle for your next educational destination. Some of them are hidden in the text below.


English-taught Grande Ecole Programs

UniLaSalle has attractive programs lined up for you. Here is the breakdown of the English-taught undergraduate and postgraduate programs:

Integrated Bachelor and Master Program Agro, Food & Environmental Engineering (i-SAFE) – This double-degree program is perfect for those interested in the world of green business. The program will teach you to tackle all agriculture, food, and environmental challenges. Sounds pretty neat, right?

M.S. Sustainable Management and Eco Innovation – This program focuses on preserving and enhancing the ecosystem. It is about balancing financial success with environmental responsibility and transforming existing management practices.

M.S. Urban Agriculture & Green Cities – Have you ever heard about urban farming? This program is about integrating multifunctional and innovative urban farming projects into urban development plans and building standards. For this purpose, the program provides technical and organizational skills, planning, coordination, and many more.

M.S. Agricultural & Food Data Management – The program trains data scientists to meet the challenges of life sciences, agriculture, and the food industry with a future-oriented and multidisciplinary teaching approach.

Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Plant Breeding (emPLANT+) – For those interested in plant breeding, this program offers excellent training in science, management, law, languages, and soft skills necessary for the Seed Industry and Research Institutes.

Master Agronomy and Agro-industries – If you are ready to dive into agronomy and agro-industries, this Master’s program is for you. It prepares students for future scientists eager for food and health research and innovation. You will learn appropriate methods and tools to conduct scientific research.

Master Geosciences and Environment –This program will teach sedimentary geology, marine geology, reservoir analysis, and geo-modeling. You’ll be able to implement geological solutions for carbon compensation and propose solutions to mitigate risks generated by humans.

The degree you will obtain at UniLaSalle is highly valued by employers in France and worldwide, enhancing your career prospects. Don’t miss the application deadline; the process has already started. Keep reading to find more details on it. Anyhow, call EAC and check if you can apply for one of the abovementioned programs.


Application Process, Tuition Fees, and Other Valuable Info

It is nothing new if we mention that the application process is simple and online, like the majority of universities. What makes UniLaSalle different is that this two-step procedure starts early in November. When you read this article, the third session will probably be activated. If you found your field of study at this university, hurry up and apply. The most efficient way is to ask for support at EAC; they will instruct you and save valuable time.

In addition to standard documents such as a valid passport, transcripts of high school certificates, a letter of recommendation, and a resume, you need a certificate for your English proficiency. Don’t panic if you don’t have it; you can obtain it at EAC. EAC is an authorized test center. Register online for the exam, get some preparation courses if needed, and do it as soon as possible.

Aside from document submission, you will have an online interview. Once you complete the process and the jury evaluates your submission, you will know if you should start packing and move to France in two weeks. The earlier you begin this process, the sooner you know if you become an international student at UniLaSalle.

The annual tuition fee for the bachelor program is 7,300 EUR, while master’s programs vary from 8,300 to 9,600 EUR. You should also plan a budget for accommodation and living costs. If you want accommodation on campus, the campus package is 500 EUR on all campuses, except in Beauvais, where the price is 1,110 EUR. Depending on the residence location, you can also rent an apartment at a monthly rate of 250 to 530 EUR.

You probably have many questions running through your mind. Instead of being confused, contact EAC and schedule an advising session for free. They will share other international students’ experiences and valuable tips with you.


Living in Campus: Once in a Life Experience

Are you worried that your social life will suffer abroad? Not at all. UniLaSalle is more than an engineering university. Studying at UniLaSalle can offer various experiences depending on the campus and the specific programs you’re enrolled in. Located on four campuses at UniLaSalle, life goes on after lectures. All campuses have restaurants and sports facilities and are surrounded by beautiful nature.

Beauvais is the oldest (since 1968) and the biggest one, with 1,100 dorm rooms for over 2300 students. This campus is surrounded by tremendous woodland, similar to Rennes, which has a lot of trees, ponds, and bicycle paths. Rouen is famous as the most international one, with 37,000 students, 10 minutes away from the city. The last one is recognizable for its innovative architecture, located in the heart of Amiens, only 1h10 away from Paris.

Studying at UniLaSalle can provide you with a well-rounded educational experience, combining academic rigor with opportunities for personal growth and professional development. When looking for specific programs, it’s essential to research campus and student experiences at the same time to determine if all the packages align with your career and life goals.


The Life Advantages in France

Studying in France can be a rewarding experience that offers numerous academic and personal growth opportunities. Aside from the high-quality education you’ll get at UniLaSalle, living in the 7th worldwide economy and the 28th richest country is an excellent opportunity for your career and life.

Living in France during your studies provides an immersive cultural experience. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the French language, explore the rich history and art, enjoy different food tastes and French wine, and engage with a diverse community of international students. Its central location in Europe makes traveling to and exploring other European countries accessible during weekends and holidays, enriching your cultural experiences.

France offers a high living standard, excellent public transportation, and a rich culinary tradition. The quality of life and safety are generally high, contributing to a comfortable student living environment as UniLaSalle offers. Not everyone has a chance to study abroad. Since you are ready and have support from home, the last thing to do is to call EAC and apply.


Take Away

In conclusion, UniLaSalle is a beacon of educational excellence, offering a rich tapestry of academic programs, vibrant campus life, and endless personal and professional growth opportunities. With its commitment to fostering cross-cultural exchange, innovative research, and industry partnerships, UniLaSalle prepares students to thrive in a globally interconnected world.

As you embark on your academic journey, consider UniLaSalle more than just a university but also a springboard to a future filled with possibilities and achievements. It’s your call to take the next step and begin the application process. EAC is here to support you and make this journey more pleasant with a positive outcome. Call EAC and get closer to your gate.

March 18, 2024
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