Get a Place for the Business World at EU Business School International

Have you decided where to apply for your undergraduate studies in business and finance? Not yet? We have great news for you. EU Business School International still has available places, so you are right on time.

If you read our blog, you know that EU Business School International possesses Swiss values, an international mindset, and a pragmatic approach to education. The business society highly values the programs that foster entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation developed within its 50 years of academic excellence.

This business school has much more to offer its students. This year, for the first time, EU Business School invites students to join the Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business program. Read this article to learn more about this program and other business programs. Many reasons exist to convince you to become an EU Business School student this autumn.


New Bachelor Program! Artificial Intelligence for Business

Are you fascinated by the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Stand on the row because the Bachelor in AI for Business is your ticket to the future! During your studies, you’ll dive deep into the theory and practice of AI technology, getting you all set to wield cutting-edge tools in the business world.

Imagine learning about everything, from data literacy and product design to robotics, and how to apply them to real-world scenarios like sustainable practices, research, investment and business growth. But that’s not all! You’ll also explore the responsible use of AI and its impact on society.

By choosing Bachelor in AI for Business program, this is what’s waiting for you:

  • An international learning environment that creates multicultural understanding,
  • Improvement of your communication skills for more effective leadership,
  • Visiting leading companies to see how successful companies really work.

So, are you ready to unleash your potential and make waves in the world of AI for business? Join us at EU Business School, and let’s make the future together!


Business Administration or Business Finance? You Choose

EU Business School International can proudly say that for ten years, their EU Business School’s Online MBA program has been ranked #1 worldwide in the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings. Furthermore, its on-campus MBA is positioned in Tier 1 global MBA programs. All of this results from the excellence of the international business programs that the EU Business School has in its portfolio.

Plus, at EU Business School, you’ll learn from the best. Picture this: your teachers are business leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants with much experience to share. And guess what? They’re all about creating an exciting and interactive learning environment to set you up for a successful career in business.


Bachelor in Business Administration

Thinking about diving into the business world? The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree might be your ticket to success! It’s like a golden key that unlocks a world of opportunities in any organisation.

So, what’s in it for you? Well, imagine gaining all the skills you need to rock the business world globally. This program covers everything from learning how to negotiate with people from different corners of the world to understanding big multinational companies internally and externally.

During your BA studies at EU Business School, you’ll meet some successful business leaders who will inspire you to chase your dreams. Just take Paul Bulcke, the Chairman of Nestlé. In his lectures, he shares his wisdom about finding a passion in what you do and making waves in the business world.

How will you benefit from studying for a BA at EU Business School? The program will help you to:

  • Develop a business personality to stand out from the crowd,
  • Learn managerial skills to lead teams successfully,
  • Learn business through a hands-on approach.

So, if you’re ready to kick start your journey to success, the Bachelor of Business Administration at EU Business School is where it’s at! Call EAC and begin the journey!


Bachelor in Business

This is another way to dive into the business world. The BA (Hons) in Business is a three-year, clearly structured program designed to explore everything from the basics to the big ideas of business.

Picture this: you’ll be equipped with the skills to tackle business challenges like a pro, such as business acumen or decision-making. Whether it’s making strategic decisions or promoting sustainability, you’ll learn to think creatively and grow businesses responsibly.

And guess what? Again, you won’t just be stuck in the classroom. EU Business School brings the business world to students! Imagine learning from global leaders like Paul Polman, co-founder of IMAGINE and former CEO of Unilever. At the EU event, he shared his understanding of sustainability and devotion to undertaking respectful environmental practices for future generations.

Here’s what will you benefit from this program:

  • Get a degree recognised worldwide from Ireland.
  • Learn from guest speakers who are experts in their fields.
  • Develop your innovative thinking and a flexible mindset.

EU Business School values creativity and entrepreneurship, making them stand out from the crowd.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to kick start your journey to success with the BA (Hons) in Business at EU Business School! Call EAC and schedule a free advising session. But, before doing so, read about other Bachelor’s programs. Why? EU Business School International has other attractive programs that might interest you.

Other Bachelor’s Programs That Might Interest You

At EU Business School, the programs combine American business education with European learning methods. What is unique about all of them is the pragmatic approach and focus on individuals, which prepare students for a successful career following today’s market needs. Find below other Bachelor English-taught programs at EU Business School:

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations
  • BA – Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management
  • BA – Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • BA – Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management
  • BA – Bachelor of Arts in Digital Business, Design & Innovation

Barcelona, Geneva, and Munich campuses built the school’s international reputation. By choosing a program, you will define your living location from the very beginning. The good thing is that almost all English programs are available on all campuses. Contact EAC and check it. Want to learn more about campuses and life in these cities? Follow this link and find it all.

After completing six semesters, you will earn an internationally accredited bachelor’s degree from EU Business School Switzerland and a university bachelor’s degree (título propio) awarded by Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) in Spain. If you choose option 2, 7-semester studies, you will be awarded a state-recognized BA (Hons) in Business Management from the University of Derby, U.K.


Next Steps!

What comes next? It’s obvious: make your choice. Don’t know how? We can help you. Come to our office in Skopje, and we will find a perfect program to match your ambition. How do we know this? Definitely, it is not by chance.

Educational Advising Centre has obtained its ICEF Agency Status for a professional, ethical, reliable advising partner. Our advisors are trained for the programs and admission process. In addition to program selection, we prepare applicants for English testing and perform different English tests based on university requirements.  

We are aware that studying abroad is costly. Yet, we know all the available scholarship opportunities, financial aid, and additional benefits for our applicants. What makes us different from the others is that our advising services, including the application process completion, are free for you.

Call us, and get your ticket to the global business with us!



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