Master Marketing, Communication, and Luxury in Milan, the Heart of Fashion Industry

Have you dreamed about working in the fashion industry for a famous brand, creating a luxury strategy, or being an effective marketing communicator? If so, IULM has fantastic news for you. Starting next academic year, this Italian center of excellence for communication training launches two new Masters programs in English:

  • Fashion Communication and Luxury Strategies, and
  • Marketing, Consumption, and Communication.

You might find programs similar to those of other universities. However, where to study is as much as important as what to study. Combining both gives you the winning formula to make an excellent decision for postgraduate studies. Here are the three essential reasons to choose your Master’s program at IULM in Milan:

  1. IULM is the first university in Italy specialized in communication and consumer society, with research and experimental activities, located in Milan;
  2. Milan is known worldwide as a center of fashion and design and became an attractive business center to international corporations after Brexit;
  3. Italy is a European country with a long tradition in marketing and branding.

On top of the above undeniable facts, you can find fresh new insights into these two attractive programs in this article. Keep on reading and start preparing your application.


Fashion Communication and Luxury Strategies

Faculty of Arts and Tourism at IULM University welcomes English-speaking graduate students to the world of fashion and luxury for the first time. This Master’s Degree Program in Fashion Communication and Luxury Strategies will teach you to manage the global industry challenges of the new era. And where to study fashion than Milan, the home of Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Attico, Versace, Prada, Moschino, and many more.

With this program, you’ll face the challenges of contemporary communication, the pathway for successfully transferring the products and experiences to the targeted audience. It will train you to become a fashion and luxury communication professional, manager, or business consultant, able to take responsibility within established companies or start-ups.


Program for Strategic Approach and Communication Flexibility

The Fashion Communication and Luxury Strategies program is structured to allow students to understand the dynamics of this industry and customer behavior. Behind the end product visible to us are specific knowledge, techniques, and tactics; luckily, this program will teach you all. You can develop a flexible approach to communication, which is critical to working in a horizontal new-era company. You will learn:

  • Team and Project Management;
  • Digital Communication;
  • Cultural Foundation;

and other courses that will help you to develop lateral thinking and readiness for responsible roles. The workshops with a multidisciplinary approach will challenge your flexibility and learning in a self-directed and independent manner. Furthermore, you will have a chance to attend face-to-face seminars and meetings with professionals to learn from their experiences.

With this program, you can choose Global Trends and Luxury Strategies in the second year, focusing on fashion industry issues and the latter on luxury (products and experiences). What is important is that you will become independent and think “out of the box.”


Invest for Your Bright Career in the Fashion Industry

After a lot of work, studying, and completing this Master’s Degree Course, you’ll have plenty of professional opportunities:

  • PR Managers;
  • Digital Media Managers;
  • Customer Engagement Managers;
  • Event Managers;
  • Brand Heritage Curators;
  • Client Communication Managers;
  • Fashion Trend Forecasters and
  • Brand Consultants.

For this advanced Master’s program, you will have to invest 20.000 EUR for tuition fees for two years. You can apply to this program after completing your Bachelor’s degree and with TOEFL iBT 87+ or other proof of English proficiency. For more details about eligibility criteria, contact EAC; the experienced advisors will tell you if and when you can apply for this first-generation English-taught program.


Marketing, Consumption, and Communication

Brands exist all around us; either we are or we are not aware of them. How the Brand is communicated with its target audience and the quality level of the relationship with the clients determines its success and profitability. This new English-taught Master’s degree program teaches students how to do Marketing, Consumption, and Communication effectively in a modern and professional way.


Innovative Curriculum Based on 15 Years of Teaching Experience

Although the program is new in English, the curriculum is very well based on the experienced Italian Marketing, Consumption, and Communication program established 15 years ago. The Faculty of Communication has developed this program to provide the knowledge and skills that today’s marketing and corporate business require.

This unique, innovative program is highly operational and engages lecturers from the corporate world and business community. On the one hand, students earn knowledge in courses related to marketing excellence and analysis related to customer and market behavior and competition. At the same time, students will develop problem-solving, business communication, and operational skills and sensitivity necessary for responsible roles in branding in the retail world and the new digital setting.

After the second year, the program covers curricular internships and innovative fieldwork, resulting in the development of projects in marketing, sales, or communication. All of this makes an extraordinary opportunity to learn directly from proven professionals from the industry and establish direct contacts with companies that are looking for new talent.


Numerous Job Opportunities According to Your Interest

As part of this new program, there are three specializations where you can begin your career based on your interests:

  • Brand Management;
  • Retail Management;
  • Digital Marketing Management.

With this program, you can build successful international careers as a brand, digital, marketing, and retail manager, specialist in merchandising, marketing analyst, media planning, web marketing, community manager, and many more roles in leading companies.

As with other Master’s programs, the annual Marketing, Consumption, and Communication tuition fee is 9.956 EUR. Yet, there are scholarships available for early applicants. If you dream of becoming a marketer or communicator, contact EAC and find out how to successfully apply and become a student at IULM.


Yet IULM University has other English-taught postgraduate programs:

Strategic Communication – with this program, you can specialize in technical communication, sociological skills, and business management;

Hospitality and Tourism Management – this program will make you competent for leadership, managerial, and entrepreneurial roles in hotel chains, cruise companies, airlines, business and leisure travel, travel agency networks, and many more. At the same time, it offers a dual degree.

Read here more about these Master’s programs or contact EAC to ask.


Your Stay During the Studies

Having the idea to study in Milan is a challenge in itself. Aware of the difficulties students face in finding accommodation and optimizing their stay in Milan during their studies, IULM is one of the rare universities with organized hospitality for its students.

IULM campus is located in the center of the city, 10 minutes away from Duomo. Aside from standard facilities for accommodation, a student restaurant and cafeteria, gym center, etc., IULM puts enormous effort into providing all facilities for students to have high-quality education. Within the campus, there are bookstores and libraries, a research center for marketing activities, and a laboratory for artificial intelligence. All you need is within walking distance so you can use your time effectively and spend more time with your peers.

Find here more about the campus facilities, the cost, and what makes it so special to study in Milan.


Take Away

If you want to know more about these IULM new English-taught programs, call EAC and schedule an advising session. As being a local partner of IULM University, experienced advisors at EAC will give you all the details you need.

Don’t miss this opportunity. The deadline for application is the end of April; However, the application process is open. So, make sure you book your place among the first generation of international postgraduate students at IULM.





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